The Words of the Anderson Family

Unauthorized Spiritual Group in Our Movement

Damian J. Anderson
October 18, 2000

Dear FFWPU HQ DC, and FFWPU HQ Korea,

I just received an e-mail from you condemning some of our sisters for PRAYING!

Excuse me, I don't like the zeal with which our sisters are being condemned just for praying. If anything is divisive, it is the condemnation of our sisters, not whatever they are doing. If church members become inactive, they are gently encouraged to come back. But, heaven forbid, if they pray together, then they are condemned.

It is a sign of weakness in our movement that leaders are tattling tales to Father and then asking him to condemn the actions of our own family members. I know all of these sisters, I have eaten in their homes, and I have played with their kids, we have prayed together and worshipped in one another's homes. They love God and True Parents with a passion. I find the condemnations of them very offensive. If Mrs. Ju Yeon Amrine and her band of prayer sisters are heretics, then we have entered the era in the Unification movement reminiscent of the hunting of the Salem witches. This makes me wonder, why is a group of sisters praying in Maryland such an international threat to the movement to warrant this kind of condemnation?

If this is a sign of things to come, it worries me. Rev. Sun Myung Moon, our true Father, may be with us another 10 years, but he will not be with us forever. Do we expect that when he departs this world, that these same leaders who are condemning our sisters will then fight over who has control over the assets of the FFWPU?

Who will carry the torch when Father departs this world? Let us think long and hard before condemning one another. And if our sisters are exposing the sins of the elders by their example, then I say, more power to them. We had a cleansings of our movement with the ministry of various figures, and it sounds like we need it again.

Sadly and sincerely,
In our True Parents' Names,
Damian Anderson

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification INTERNATIONAL

12F Dowon Bldg., 292-20 Dohwa-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 121-040

481 Eighth Avenue, Suite 916
New York, NY 10001, USA

To: Continental Directors, Regional and National Leaders, National Messiahs

From: FFWPU International President

Re: Unauthorized spiritual group in our movement

Date: October 09, 2000

We pray for God's blessing on all of your hard work.

1. We would like to inform you of an unauthorized spiritual group that leads members astray from the legitimate tradition of faith centered on True Parents and distorts the meaning of the providence. Leaders in all levels must give members the right guidance.

Unauthorized Spiritual Group and their Members:
Belongs to the Washington Korean Church (KEA)

1. Jae-Soon Choi (Ju Yeon Amrine)
2. Do-Soon Cha (Do Soon Maketa)
3. Chung-Ok Kim (Mi Sun Sices)
4. Kyung-Soon Yoo (Kyung Soon Garau)
5. Sun-Hwa Park (Sun Ah Berry)
6. Hyung-Joong Yoon (Hyung Joong Reddin)
7. Myra Stanecki

2. True Parents Direction: True Father spoke strongly against the spiritual phenomena involving those people mentioned above on September 23, during the 21-day registration workshop. Father refused to allow them to participate in the Four Position Foundation Registration Blessing Ceremony at that time.

Chung Hwan Kwak, IIFWP International President

Sun Jo Hwang, FFWPU International President Jeung Og Yu, FFWPU Japanese Chairman

Chang Shik Yang, FFWPU North American Continental Director 

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