The Words of the Anderson Family

Blessed Couples Declaration

Mark Anderson
July 10, 2005

Brothers and Sisters, Greetings!

We just returned from a workshop in New Mexico. At that workshop blessed members from four states talked about relevant and timely issues and came up with a document which reflected those hours of discussion and dialogue: The topics we covered ranged from witnessing, marriage and parenting, spirit world, and ownership to how to heal our members and recognize the sacrifices of those no longer with us. Below is a document that we blessed couples who were attending the workshop came up with and all signed. We think you might find it interesting. We welcome any comments you may have. We feel very hopeful for the future as we build the Kingdom together.

ITN Mark Anderson

Jemez Springs Declaration

We the blessed families gathered at Jemez Springs July 4-7, 2005, in order to form a substantial foundation for Godís Kingdom, establish structures with integrity, insure spiritual health for future generations of blessed children, provide for the well-being of our families, promote the effective sharing of the Principle, do hereby establish this declaration for our united blessed families.

The Kingdom of Heaven consists of healthy nations. These nations consist of healthy communities which are made up of healthy families. Therefore, the starting point for building the Kingdom is to create, sustain and nurture spiritually healthy, loving, blessed families. If the Blessed Families are not the embodiment of the ideal, then the foundation is not ready.

The Unification Movement is in a period of transition. For 30 years in America, the "wandering in the wilderness model" has been the primary mode of operation. With the spiritual conditions and victories culminating in the coronation ceremonies and establishment of Cheon Il Guk, the time has come to truly establish Heaven by planting and nurturing families of harmony, service, and love.

Appropriate recognition should be given to the returning soldiers who are coming home from the spiritual wars≠some wounded, and many who died on the battlefield. The wounds need to be healed in order for the spiritual veterans to be able to be whole and to function as persons able to give and receive love.

Each blessed family is like a ship. Some are fine while others have leaks, others have no sail, others are caught in a whirlpool or are in the doldrums. In order to go "sailing with our Father," we need to repair the boats. The rudder of the ship is the marriage relationship, the wheel is the vertical connection with God. We need a ship repair organization with skills and tools that actually work.

A model for that entity has been created in Florida with the establishment of the Parentsí Association. This entity is separate from the church, but run by blessed couples. Its purpose is to be a vehicle for blessed couples to take ownership of the essential work of strengthening families and developing a community of successful families. By recognizing that maintaining healthy families is direct providential work, our children will see and feel the reality of the Principle in application.

We are looking for positive change. This change must come from those blessed families who feel the responsibility and genuine desire to create change.

Creating a context for friends, colleagues, and neighbors to connect with the new family culture is the starting point. If the model works, it can be expanded to the whole world.

The family culture is a universal culture which must be articulated and practiced. Once the core elements of that culture are defined, then anyone who agrees with these core elements can be a part of the process. The core values developed by CARP are helpful tools to implement the vision of the family culture. Those core values are: living for others, teamwork, ownership, dreaming big, and vertical alignment. The assistance and cooperation of the Spirit World is an integral aspect of establishing a heavenly family culture. The quality of our family life and the effectiveness of the organization determine the ability of the Spirit World to support our efforts. The Spirit World responds to specific requests and action on our part. Build the model and they will come.

Additionally, a Spiritual Wars Veteransí Day could be a part of a recognition of the service of all members both past and present who contributed to Godís Providence. This appreciation of past sacrifices is part of the necessary healing to make a new era.

Former members could be located and sent a certificate of appreciation. Also, the story of the Mobile Fundraising Teams where thousands of members spent years of their lives in spiritual battle has not been told, and needs to be.

The heavenly family culture is most clearly articulated in the teachings and life example of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon. The simplest and most universal core of the family culture is the following:

1) God is the Parent of all Mankind.

2) The family is the most basic and vital cornerstone of human life.

3) The family is the school of love where life is lived in service to the larger community.

The first meeting to organize a Parents Association for a state should consist of blessed members. Once a clear structure is in place, everyone who is ready to take responsibility for the heavenly family culture is welcome. Local Parents Association structures will be based on each communityís needs and desires.

Together with the 2nd Generation, we will fulfill the ages-old quest of our Heavenly Father to see his children living in loving and peaceful families.


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