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Rebuttal To Factual Errors In Your Article "Ministry Mum Over Moon's Entry"

Damian Anderson
December 8, 2005

To: The editor at
From: Damian Anderson, Webmaster of
Date: December 8, 2005
Regarding : Rebuttal to factual errors in your article "Ministry Mum over Moon's Entry"

Dear Sir,

Regarding the article published today in Ministry Mum over Moon's Entry

There are several factual errors in the article.

1. Rev. Moon is not a senator, nor does he claim to be.

2. Rev. Moon spends a considerable amount of time in the USA and is not banned from entry. In every country where Rev. Moon is banned from entry, there is a history of religious intolerance. Do you want to be considered among that group of nations?

3. Rev. Moon was never convicted of either fraud or counterfeiting. He was unjustly imprisoned in the USA, once, as a result of a witch hunt such as is taking place in Fiji right now. The media were able to poison the minds of the people against him, and then were able to find a jury of 12 to convict him of tax evasion charges when the money involved was clearly never his own, but church money held in his name. Rev. Moon was imprisoned six times in his life, but the first time was in imperial Japan fighting against the occupation of his Korean homeland, then in 1946 in a North Korean concentration camp as a result of his evangelistic work, then in South Korea after the Korean war as a result of false charges by jealous rival churches, which were later dropped. When one is imprisoned fighting for a righteous cause, it is a badge of honor, such as is bestowed on Nelson Mandela, Alexandr Solzhenitsyn, or Andrei Sakharov.

4. While some ignorant individuals label Rev. Moon's church a cult, there is no legal definition of such a thing, and it is merely a sign of ignorance and prejudice that people apply this label. According to the same standards, Jesus and his disciples would have been labeled a cult. It is easy to follow Jesus when the herd follows him, but when you are 12 against the world, it is another story.

Fiji ought to consider it a high honor that Rev. Sun Myung Moon chose to come to your country. It is an ill omen for your future that you have rejected the efforts of this devout and holy man due to ignorance and prejudice within your community. Those who stoned the prophets and murdered the son of God in the past received the judgment of heaven. If Jesus Christ himself were to come to your country, would you not accept him? Rev. Moon is doing the work of Jesus Christ, and you ought to receive him as greater than any secular head of state, and greater than the Pope of Rome.

Yours faithfully,

Damian Anderson

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