The Words of the Anderson Family

The Question Of Homosexuality, Again

Damian J. Anderson
May 20, 2006

On May 1, 2006, SSS wrote:

Dear DA,
I am 15 and gay. At first I felt deeply hurt due to this and cried and appealed and pleaded and nothing happened. And I shouted at God too when all of a sudden the Book of Job fell open doesn't it say that whatever comes from God is Holy even though bad and wasn't St. Peter asked to kill and eat even what was un holy because it was brought down from heaven. These feelings I have are also from God and it is Holy, and I got this from the Lord.
True love is not merely sex between a man and a woman under marriage but it involves feelings something not material something beyond just sex it is a matter of sharing a feeling that you will do anything for the person and a state where even his liabilities seem greatness his childishness seems the most mature thing in the world. I have been in love with this guy without even his knowledge but I'm going steadfast in this feeling of loving and being loved for I believe that God himself is for me for I haven't done anything wrong.
The only parent is the Lord God not any man. Moon is leading you away from the Father not towards Him. What do you say?

Dear SSS,

The first thing I would question is that you are in fact gay. You are a human being whom God created to experience joy through love. He would not create you with that inherent contradiction that you feel within yourself, that identity and gender confusion that you interpret to mean "I am gay". That contradiction comes from our alienation from God.

God is the parent of all humanity, but each of us is supposed to develop that great heart of a parent by having our own children and grandchildren, and lineage off into eternity. As our lineage grows, so does our parental heart, as we live eternally. A person who is exclusively homosexual can never experience that, so it violates the very reason for our existence. The one thing every good parent knows is that no matter what my child does, I cannot help but love my child. So God is the same, only more so. God can never abandon any human being to eternal suffering, since He is a God of parental love. The more children and offspring we have, the more we can experience that love which effortlessly pours out of us for the sake of others. Without even thinking, we automatically want do what has to be done for our children. It may be difficult, but we do it motivated by love.

Sexual love makes it possible for us to experience that higher love, parental love. Without the relationship of a man and a woman, that parental love experience is not possible. It is against the laws of nature for life to come from two men or two women. Even if you use test tubes, and artificial insemination, life comes from a man and a woman. Because of my spouse, I can have these children whom I love, so this gives me so much reason to be grateful to my spouse for giving me the children who are the love of my life, and it deepens the love we have for one another.

You are 15, so you can be forgiven for thinking you know everything.

Best wishes,

Damian Anderson

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