The Words of the Anderson Family

Reflections Of Brother Lloyd Anderson

Daryl M. Clarke
March 13, 2007

I first met Lloyd Anderson the day I walked into the Baltimore Church in 1976. He was sitting in a chair reading a book. He looked up and gave me a slight grin and looked down back into his book. Lloyd was an unusual man in the truest sense of the word. He was uniquely different from the rest of the members. He was very outspoken, a bit arrogant and unafraid to challenge anyone.

Lloyd was very intelligent and he captured my attention and respect from the very beginning. We fundraised together, witnessed together and went to our Home Church area together. As an elderly man Lloyd worked surprisingly hard. He went out in the rain, snow, sleet and the heat. He was thoroughly dedicated to all aspects of Church life. There was nothing that he wouldn't do (sometimes with complaint).

I remember one morning going to the kitchen for breakfast and Lloyd was in there making batter for biscuits. He made the biscuits and the members sat down to eat breakfast, we tasted the biscuits and quietly looked at each other and then neatly took the biscuit from our mouths. Then we all laughed with Lloyd in unison. This was the beginning of Lloyd's great cooking career.

As we all knew in the Baltimore Church, Lloyd cooked many great delicious meals. He then went on to become the cook at UTS. It was at UTS in 1982 that I spent another 2 years working with Lloyd. He was always a delight to see everyday. Lloyd was a great man. In his quietness and lonely moments he was always thinking about God's providence and doing the will of True Parents through his God given talent, preparing sustenance for the physical development and well being of Heaven's Elite Leaders- the thousands of UTS students and grads.

God Bless You Lloyd Anderson My Dearly Beloved Brother!

In the Name of the Clarke Family,
A Blessed Central Family, Aju!

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