The Words of the Anderson Family

A word of caution regarding denunciation of Hyun Jin nim

Damian J. Anderson
June 5, 2010

Perhaps many of you are aware, but one of Father's time tested tactics to test the mettle of a man is to send him to the woodshed, figuratively speaking.

Do you remember how Dr. Bo Hi Pak was publicly sent away to Japan? What did Dr. Pak do in Japan? Rather than bemoan his fate, he became very involved in the Japanese church and wrote two books.

What happened to Rev. Chong Jik Woo who was the regional director in Washington DC? He, along with many elder Koreans, was sent to a third world country as a national messiah, after 40 days in Chung Pyung, in his case, Bolivia. What did he do? He absconded with a large amount of public money and a Japanese sister.

What happened to General Kim who was sent back to Korea? She dropped off the map.

What happened to Mrs. Joo Yeon Amrine who was very publicly denounced in the church? She is still carrying out her ministry in Korea, with a substantial following in the church and in the public arena in Korea.

What happened to Hyun Jin nim when he was denounced? He is fulfilling his responsibility as he sees fit, according to his conscience, despite a global firestorm of condemnation.

BE VERY CAREFUL when you judge someone who has apparently been denounced by Father. This is when he sees the true heart of those who claim loyalty to him. He sees the servile obsequious attitudes of so many church members and leaders, They are so flatteringly serving to someone in favor, but they will happily denounce someone once they are out of favor and not in the right meetings, the right breakfast conferences, the right ceremonies. What a bunch of !@#$ %^and* hypocrites!

How would your tune change if tomorrow Father were to turn around and say that Hyun Jin nim were after all following his instructions? It would not be the first time.

BE VERY CAREFUL ... for sin is crouching at your door. 

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