The Words of the Anderson Family

America's Ongoing Disaster

Mary Jane Anderson
March 17, 2011

I will be brief. These two video spots say it all. After watching them both, I hope you can understand a reason why the Muslim World distrusts America so much and 9/11 occurred. For every effect, there is first a cause. We are becoming a spiritual desert in our land-a dried up love-less society; a land without vision or God's Protection. There have been countless storms in the US in recent years and months: Katrina, numerous tornadoes, snow storms, floods just to name a few. But, what we do need is a 'spiritual tsunami' to bring life back to our children by way of God's presence in our homes, our schools, our workplaces and our hearts.

And now ponder this:

2001/9/11 happened in the third part of the year 2001. (The fraction: 9/12 or September is the ninth month out of twelve)

The earthquake/tsunami in Japan occurred on 2011/3/11 occurred in the first 1/4 part of 2011. (The fraction 3/12 or March is the third month out of twelve)

We are building the foundation for the world to receive True Parents by 2013/1/13. One can see 3/11 in this date too. (The fraction: 1/12 or January is the first month out of twelve)

What are missing are still the fractions: 6/12, the sixth month out of twelve and 12/12 or the twelfth month out of twelve.

12/21/12 maybe is already spoken for by the Mayan Calendar. Visit one site:

I believe all the lives that were lost in 9/11 and 3/11 and other storms too are not lost in vain. I wonder if they will be the spirit guides to help us in our endeavors to herald in the new age. Just a thought -- maybe you who are reading this will have other insights.

And to conclude, let is look at why the number 13 is a good number and not to be looked at as unlucky any more: (or by the way there isn't proof about Hayim Solomon, but it could be, God only knows….now I have to go and distribute some of True Father's autobiography).

Here are eleven ways to look at the number 13 on the One Dollar Bill:

13 Original colonies

13 Signers of the Declaration of Independence

13 Stripes on our flag

13 Steps on the Pyramid

13 Letters in 'Annuit Coeptis'

13 Letters in 'E Pluirbus Unum'

13 Stars above the Eagle

13 Bars on that Shield

13 Leaves on the Olive Branch

13 Fruits, if you look closely

13 Arrows

God Bless, Happy St. Patricks Day, and I wish all of you to go and find a lucky four leaf clover...., but a three leaf will do just fine! 

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