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Vemma a Synergistic Opportunity -- Interview with Kesung Anderson and Jan Pearson

Michael La Hogue
August 2011

Kesung Anderson is a medical sales representative for multiple companies and a distributing brand partner for Vemma.

Jan Pearson is a 2nd-year college student at Bergen Community College in Bergen County, NJ. He works part-time at a real estate agency as an assistant and has just signed up to be a distributing brand partner for Vemma.

Question: When did you first learn about Vemma and how?

Kesung Anderson: I was introduced to the product fourteen months ago. I tried a few samples and it tasted pretty good. Product-wise, I was fine with it but I didn't want to be a distributor back then.

Jan Pearson: Similar story: I learned about Vemma about a year ago while participating on STF (Special Task Force) and initially, I couldn't sign on as a distributor while part of a program that required all my focus; I put it aside until a couple of months ago when I decided to join.

Question: What changed a couple of months ago?

Jan Pearson: I learned that Kesung had joined. Kesung is my older-brother figure; he has always been my mentor when I was growing up. I trust him and I know that whatever he does is going to be successful.

Question: How did you two meet?

Jan Pearson: We grew up together in the same Unification Church center in Minneapolis. I was born in Texas but lived in Minneapolis for a year and a half. My dad's home state is Minnesota. My parents had lived away for a while and decided to go back.

Kesung Anderson: I've been in Minneapolis since I was thirteen. My grandparents were getting old so, naturally, my family moved from Korea to spend more time with them.

Question: Tell us a bit about yourselves.

Kesung Anderson: I have a background in biology. I sell medical implants. People break their bones; I supply the plates, pins, screws, etc. I also work in the operating room assisting surgeons. It's a high-level sales job and you need to know your background information really well. Before doing this, I always wanted to be a nutritionist until I found out they make less than a school teacher. I didn't want to go that route but I was always interested in knowing how things reacted in the body and how people could be helped by various nutritional advantages. Right now, I find I've come back to my original pursuit, so it's lining up pretty well.

Q So Jan, I assume you knew about Kesung's background in nutrition before signing on. What makes you trust Kesung's judgment? Is it because he is a great older brother or is it because you have always seen him be successful?

Jan Pearson: I know his personality is the kind that never gives up. It's a stubbornness about him that refuses to give up and will not be beat by anything. It's amazing. And he's just successful in everything that he does; it's not just that he doesn't give up. He's smart, he's good looking, and he's charismatic. He's a people person. Growing up, being a little kid at church, Kesung was the older brother. He took care of us and was our unofficial youth pastor, so I looked up to him and now I have this natural tendency to trust him and follow him. Kesung was a college athlete, which I always envied. I was an athlete myself in high school, on the wrestling team, but once I started college, I didn't have time for sports. He ran track, he ran cross country, and he was a national qualifier and I always thought that was so amazing. He was this super-strong, buff, super-athletic kind of guy growing up and he still is today. People look at him and they do not believe he is thirty-two years old! After college, he just immediately became successful in business. I always saw him with nice cars. Growing up in middle and high school, I saw this young guy attaining success immediately and was just awed by it.

Question: Did you think he was materialistic?

Jan Pearson: No, absolutely not, because he was our youth pastor as well, and he would speak with us on spiritual, financial, and health issues.

Question: Do you have friends and family with poor health that you immediately thought of after trying and liking the effects of the product?

Kesung Anderson: Yes, we both know people with poor health but more importantly, we discovered that a lot of people were suffering with illnesses they were keeping secret from those around them. So, though we first just approached the product as a supplement that we liked and felt helped us out, people began to tell us their stories and we learned about their suffering. Now we can't help but encourage people to try Vemma for 30 days risk free, and see the positive effects.

Q So you committed yourself two months ago and the return has been mostly in the growth of your team as well as monetary return, if we're being very frank about it.

Kesung Anderson: If we're being very frank, it's not the number of members on your team that is measured, but how much dollar volume is being spent by those members and the people they recruit. I was able to recoup my initial invested sum in about two weeks.

Question: In your opinion, what is it about Vemma that gets everyone so excited?

Kesung Anderson: In my experience, I find that people have very different reasons for getting involved: some people, after trying a Vemma product once, have an amazing experience. Some people have claimed that their vision became clearer and they could focus better. People who have tried Verve say they have long-lasting energy, and these are people who are always on the move -- plumbers and trade workers -- who have to be out there all day long. They say they have consistent energy for eight hours or more from just one drink. On top of that, they are also getting all their daily vitamins, minerals, anti- oxidants, and anti-inflammatory compounds at the same time.

Question: You don't seem like the type of person who would push a product that doesn't actually work.

Kesung Anderson: No, I wouldn't do that.

The people I'm getting on board initially are family and friends and how could I face them if this product that I'm promoting is bad? I wanted to make sure Vemma was medically sound, clinically proven, and scientifically researched. I did my own research into Vemma to make sure everything, in my opinion, was sound. I wanted to see who was involved in it. There are a heck of a lot of lawyers for the NBA, the NHL and the NFL doing their own research. If the top athletes are going to take these products, they're going to make sure these products are safe and make sure the product has all the ingredients Vemma claims it does, and that there is nothing in there that shouldn't be in there or that could potentially harm the athletes. There are a lot of people and a lot of organizations that have done a lot of years of work for the product Vemma. (Visit for more information.)

Question: How has Vemma impacted/ changed your life personally?

Kesung Anderson: Vemma has changed my life in two ways: physically, I had trouble sleeping (I was waking up 10-15 times a night). After two weeks of Vemma use, that was reduced to 3-4 times a night, and after one month of use, 1-2 times a night. Mentally and spiritually, it changed my life in terms of challenging myself to help others grow their business, pushing myself to go the extra mile, to wake up earlier, go to bed later, make more calls, assist more people, be a positive example and be a leader that looks after others.

Jan Pearson: Vemma has had a great effect on my life. Physically speaking, I was in very good health before I started drinking Vemma. Therefore when I started drinking Vemma, I didn't see as much of an effect as others have. One benefit that I did notice is that within a week my skin was getting a lot clearer. I have consistently had acne on my face and neck area since I was a teenager. I tried tons of different products that ended up not helping me at all. After all that trouble, it was Vemma that saved me from my acne problem. It has also given me the opportunity to keep in touch with my best friends from childhood who have also joined the business.

Question: How much of your personal time (aside from your day job) do you devote to being a distributor for Vemma?

Kesung Anderson: personally invest about 5-10 hours every day. I read new materials that help me become a successful person, increase my product knowledge and my knowledge of building a business.

I talk to 5 to 15 people per day and consistently strive to meet new people outside the church.

Jan Pearson: Anywhere from 1 to 3 hours.

Question: In your opinion, from personal experience, why is Vemma worth the time, money, and effort?

Kesung Anderson: I believe Vemma has been and will continue to be an amazing vehicle to help me grow internally, go above and beyond to help and serve others and build a great knowledge base in terms of product, business and human behavior. It also has been tremendously helpful in learning how to cope with various situations, developing strategy, persevering through rough patches and being able to love people through all types of circumstances.

Jan Pearson: So far, Vemma is worth the time and effort for me because of what it has taught me. It has helped me become more productive in my life; I am more time- efficient and more responsible with my time. I've also learned to follow up with contacts, and the importance of helping others. I'm going to be a business major and Vemma is something I'm using to get my foot in the business world. So, for me, getting into this business is really exciting, especially because, as a Vemma brand partner, I'm not just working for someone; I'm actually creating my own business where I do the work, talk to people, and have a boss -- it's just fun for me. Working with people has been the best part of all this, honestly. These are the best people I know -- working with my family members, with my best friends, with members of my church, school friends, and then getting to know great people, improving my health, and reaping financial benefits as well; it's been awesome.

Question: Anything else you'd like to add?

Kesung Anderson: think it's a really good business opportunity and the fact that the product pushes itself, is very attractive. A lot of times, with multi-level marketing, people get scared, get left alone, and that's where the synergy and everything ends. But the ability of 2nd generation Unificationists to unite and work together and support each other -- to have that power of will -- will create great synergy in this business opportunity and no end of support. 

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