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Toward a Headwing Society

Gordon Anderson
June 8, 2012

Headwing is a term True Father began using as the Soviet Union was breaking down. Headwing, in his view, is neither right-wing nor left wing alone, but both right and left guided by the head -- which is God.

I had a well-attended PowerPoint presentation and discussion on this topic. The PowerPoint was based on (1) Divine Principle, (2) political theory I developed over my 20 years with PWPA, some of which is published in my 2009 book, Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, Version 4.0., and (3) principles of "integral society" based on my development of Ken Wilber's Theory of Everything.

Among the contents were (1) the relationship of internal and external, or social consciousness and social institutions; (2) the relationship of masculine and feminine principles that are partly manifest in the Republican and Democratic parties, (3) the stages of social evolution from a) command (OT age), b) virtue (NT age), c) principle (CT age), to d) and integral age, and (4) the principled relationship among three social spheres; a) culture, b) government, c) economy.

The session was well attended. I brought 5 books to sell and could have sold ten of them. I think that many members want to see this headwing thought more developed. In the past, official headwing thought has primarily been a rework of the epistemology and ontology of unification thought and remained. Members want to understand more how it can be applied in everyday life. The framework I presented allows us to develop Constitutions and legislation based on principles the underpin all three cultural spheres, and it would have culture in the subject position over the other two spheres, because that is where God can enter human society through social consciousness. 

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