The Words of the Anderson Family

Freedom and Responsibility as Blessed Members

Mary Jane Anderson
September 1, 2012

One year ago, I posted a revelation I received in 1975 which I was able to recite to True Father. Now this same week, but one year later, we are waiting daily to hear about Father's physical health. I am again drawn to revisit that entry from August 2011. To me it is significant to read it again and I'm in amazement of the meaning for me. As it may have given comfort to Father 37 years ago from his comment, it is my hope and desire that Heavenly Father is speaking to him now as he sleeps giving him encouragement to go on, but more or just important, confirmation that all he has done for this world is not in vain, but will grow and grow and grow. I feel so blessed, to be alive, to know True Parents are here to save and make us whole..."To save a "wretch like me" the Love of God is so great! Let's testify to this wonderful fact! This is the true reason for the freedom and responsibility we have in this country of America-to preach the "breaking news"....God bless you all my brothers and sisters, together, "we are crossing over the crest of the hill."


This revealed message documented in my blog post from last August helped me greatly when I was kidnapped in 1977. Having had such a spiritual experience can never allow one to leave the church and though they tried twice, the deprogrammers could not break me. On Aug 31, I made the long time desire to speak to my deprogrammer at reality and come full circle in mending the past with my one enemy that stands in my way of freedom or liberation from that hellish period of my life. As True Father took responsibility to embrace his enemy in North Korea, Kim Il Sung, I felt deep in my heart, that before Foundation Day came I needed to do the same.I feel this one big attachment to Satan is suffocating me. He is always there to accuse me, "You say you love your enemy, but you only say the words...where is the action?" I feel, too, I can't truly breathe until I show true love towards the one person who wanted to block my way and end my spiritual life. When Foundation Day comes, I want to be FREE, totally.

So yesterday, I called her on the phone. She was once the 'Ted Patrick' of Minnesota. Now she is 70 years old. We had a nice chat on the this point she doesn't know exactly where I stand in the church, and probably thinks I left being that I was calling her. But, on the phone I didn't want to get into anything about religion as I wanted to truly meet her after all these years, show her pictures of my family and tell her I hold no resentment towards her. So we made a lunch date for next week. I will post a comment on how it went. 

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