The Words of the Anderson Family

Second Generation Blessing

Mark Anderson
Feb. 21, 2002
Mesa, Arizona

About a year ago, I was reading one of the Founder's speeches wherein he stated that "Parents should match their own children." Being somewhat simple, I assumed that he meant what he said and began to start thinking about how to do that. Rather than wait until I developed the perfect strategy and method for this process, I decided to just do it (as they say in the commercials). I sent out emails to Unificationists letting them know that I was starting the process of looking for a Prince Charming for my Snow White. I had expected that the process would take several years, as I would receive hundreds of inquiries and would have to wade through them eventually narrowing the list down to ten top choices. I would then go visit those ten and grill, er, I mean interview them to find the top three. At this point I would ask Kendra to make the choice among the three finalists.

However, God had a different plan in mind. I only received several responses, which we followed up with an exchange of photos and brief biographical information. We began praying for guidance and felt that a certain young man (in this case David Stein, the oldest son of Dan and Pam Stein) was God's choice. There were some dreams involved, and then a chance meeting between the two when David (not knowing that Kendra was being considered by his parents to be his eternal spouse) jokingly said to her, "Would you like to get blessed (with me)?"

I had the opportunity to meet with David at the airport in Phoenix for several hours and felt that he was the right person for Kendra. All the parents prayed for wisdom and guidance and when we all agreed, then we let David and Kendra know that we approved and that now the decision was up to them. They talked it over on the telephone and immediately agreed.

Since that time, there has been many hours of phone calls, two visits, and exchanges of gifts and cards. They have started the habit of praying together on the phone and both indicate that they are deeply "in love"!

They are looking forward to the Blessing in April in Washington DC. Kendra (with help from Mom) has picked out her wedding dress. When God works, things move fast.

Their plan at this point is for Kendra to finish her last few months of high school. Then she will go to Chyung Pyung Lake for 40 days and then on to STF (Special Task Force) for a year and then enroll in college where she will be studying to become a math teacher.

David will be working in the Washington DC area and being involved in Second Generation activities. 

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