The Words of the Anderson Family

In Memoriam Clive Anderson and Geoffrey Baker

August 31, 1988

Clive Anderson and Geoffrey Baker

On August 31, the last official day of the Ocean Challenge program in Gloucester, two of our Ocean Church brothers, Clive Anderson, 28, and Geoffrey (Geoff) Baker, 28, lost their lives in the ocean off Pacifica, California. A sudden wave, known as a "rogue" or "sleeper," caught their boat by surprise, turning it on its side, and Clive and Geoff were thrown into the water. Three other crew members survived unhurt. Both Geoff and Clive had been recently matched.

Just before the accident, Geoff and Clive had attended a sermon by Rev. Kevin McCarthy, who was inspired to speak about the willingness to give one's life for God. The brothers had begun a prayer condition with their central figure about raising up younger members and had talked about being willing to give even their lives for the sake of others.

Several people have spiritually received insight that the brothers' sacrifice is serving an important providential purpose for bringing about unity in America. Their central figure, Kevin Thompson, testified that Clive and Geoffrey had both expressed a strong desire to be responsible to lead and be good examples for younger members. Miraculously, there have been no other fatalities in Ocean Church's eight-year history.

Just after the accident, an elder sister in our church received that one body would be washed up on the rock where the brothers had been praying. One day later, Clive's body was found there. Twenty-one day' later, Geoffrey's body was also found in the sea. Both brothers were memorialized in moving services, Clive in San Francisco, Geoff in Tarrytown.

Both Clive's and Geoff's families, in spite of their shock and grief over the accident, were deeply moved by the services held for them. Clive's parents commented at his service, "We know that Clive is at peace." They asked if Unification Church members could come to their home in England with videos because they want to know more about what their son believed in.

Geoff's parents also want to study the Principle and have asked about becoming associate members. Geoff's younger brother feels very strongly that he must carry on his brother's work in life and is attending a workshop in Scotland. Geoff's mother dreamt after the accident that she was talking to Geoff and he told her, "Don't worry about me. I'm in a much higher place than you."

Both were buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery in Tarrytown, where several other church members are also buried. 

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