The Words of the Anderson Family

Jesus 17, 27, 30

Damian J. Anderson
September 18, 1999

I was talking to Rev. Oh who is the professor at UTS responsible for teaching about the life and work of Sun Myung Moon. He records almost every speech that Father gives in America, and is a great expert on Father's speeches. We were talking about this very topic after having had dinner together with True Parents last night. He said that Jesus asked his mother Mary three times, at ages 17, 27 and 30, to be married to John the Baptist's younger sister. When Mary refused for the third time, he left his home and began his public mission away from his family. He understood the principled reason why this should be, but he could not tell anyone about it at the time.

Incidentally, I had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with True Parents at Jefferson House last night with four other brothers, Peter Kim, Rev. Oh, Rev Lee and Tim Elder. Then Mother and Rev. Lee left and we were able to talk to True Father. I racked my brain for a question to ask Father when a lull came in the conversation. If anyone is interested, I will share with you what we talked about. :-)

One other thing Rev. Oh said was that seven members of True Family will be attending UTS this fall. Could someone at UTS let us know who they all are. I think I have five names. 

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