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Liberation Ceremony of the Cosmic Unification

Damian J. Anderson
September 8, 1999

True Parents are coming to Korea on September 9th to hold a historic event. Along with the visit to Korea, they are planning to hold "Liberation Ceremony of the Cosmic Unification" as follows at 09:09:09 on September 9th, 1999.

Continental leaders and National Messiahs are asked to make this generally known to members and engrave the day's providential significance deeply in the heart, thus gathering sincere devotion.

1. Title of the event: Liberation Ceremony on Cosmic Unification

2. Date: 09:09':09", September 9th, 1999 - Korean local time

3. Duration: September 9 - 11 (for three days)

4. Place: Grand Hall in Central Training Center, Kuri-shi

5. Number of participants by nation: 2,100 couples from Korea, 400 couples from Japan, 12 couples from America

6. Significance: With Japan and America becoming one centered on Korea, a new history starts by declaring unification of South and North, unification of the spirit world and unification of the universe. This event is held on a day when the number 9 coincides 9 times (at 09:09:09 on September 9th, 1999 True Father's age: 79). The number '9' is Satan's number and the nation of God will start when this is overcome.

7. Therefore, the day is a day when a new heaven on earth starts formally. Jung Sung (sincere devotion): Though unable to attend the ceremony to be held in Korea, leaders and members of the entire world are asked gather their sincere effort with a three-day abstinence from September 9.

8. Internet live relay: "Liberation Ceremony on Cosmic Unification" is scheduled to be relayed live through Internet. You can watch the entire event live through Internet by connecting at 

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