Unification Sermons and Talks

Rev. Reverends Anderson

UTS Alumni Meeting

May 15, 1999
Washington DC
Minutes taken by Damian Anderson

Rev. Schanker went over the family education schedule, and the goal of getting blessing candidates.

Rev. Yang: Father wants UTS graduates to come to leaders' meetings, and to be active in UC activities. Father talked about the large number of lobbyists in DC, and organizing to do Hoon Dok Hae.

Rev. Yang talked about peoples' skepticism to Dae Mo Nim because of black Heung Jin Nim. He was not all bad and not all good. In the case of Dae Mo Nim, the standard must be from heaven and not earth. We need to know how Father thinks about this. Don't you think? In some cases, Father knows but does not let on that he knows in order that a certain condition can be set. An illustration: In the 1950s Rev. Yo Han Lee was the first Christian minister to join our church. Sometimes he would go to Taegu some distance away. Father would tell him to go witness to ministers. Father was in Pusan but was able to watch the meeting in Taegu, two hours away, spiritually. Father was able to tell Rev. Lee what he should have said in some circumstances without having been there, and knew what was said.

When President Carter came to Korea, and met Park Chung Hee, Pres. Carter told Rev. Lee to make it impossible for Rev. Moon to come to America. Father spiritually knew what was said, and immediately ordered a ticket to go to the USA.

The USA government's purpose regarding Danbury was to make it so that Father could not come to the USA.

With black Heung Jin Nim, he originally had Father's approval, but the medium failed his own responsibility. The thing that is great about Mrs. Kim who is working as the medium for Dae Mo Nim is that she is selfless. One of the good things about Dae Mo Nim's visit to America is that it removed the bad feeling a lot of people had about black Heung Jin Nim.

We expect Dae Mo Nim to come back to the USA in September.

The blessing event being prepared is being called the Interfaith Holy Spirit Family Revival. Your family, your ancestors, together forever.

Every denomination of Christianity has its seminaries. In Korea, a large church may have its own seminary.

Father established a seminary at Chung Pyung Lake in 1972 which was suspended and then opened again in 1975. Rev Yang graduated from there in 1977. That seminary developed into Sun Moon University. Most universities started as seminaries. If you are all graduates of UTS, you should have the idea that you are a minister. It is an eternal honor to us that we graduated from a school started by True Parents.

So what do we need to do as the mainstream? We have to be the people who attend True Parents. So, some people are working in business, but you have to feel called by God to fulfill the providence of God. When we received the mission of tribal messiah, that is greater than any minister. I hope you will never give up the idea that you are chosen soldiers of God.

Father is very interested in what UTS grads are doing. If the 95 UTS grads in the DC area were to work together, you could do so much, more than any Korean leader.

When Rev. Yang came to America he felt like a bird with his wings cut off, as he could not speak the language. Here he always feels his limitations. Rev. Yang has a very good memory, but his memory for English is very bad. He forgets things when he has to speak in English.

The Americans have to save America. The Koreans are supposed to pass on the tradition and pray. The Americans have to do the work. You are the ones to take responsibility. Nothing can adequately describe the love Father feels for UTS grads.

Rev. Yang graduated from a Methodist seminary in Korea and UTS in Korea, but Father said he still has to go to UTS in America. The UTS grads are the most important members of the UC family. If you cannot accomplish your responsibility, it will be very embarrassing.

Each of you should be able to start your own church congregation. Do you understand? You are the ones to save DC and America. You are now in your prime in terms of age and experience, so you can do so much. Taking care of your family has to be just a small part of your job. Pray and you will understand.

Dae Mo Nim said that if American members have courage, spirit world will work with us and we can make a great success. Don't worry too much about material things. Work for the mainstream and everything will be resolved. Material follows people, people shouldn't follow material.

There are two things Father needs of UTS grads: Educating ministers and The purity movement.

Rev. Schanker has a Master's degree from Columbia University in religious education, so he will always be invited to these meetings.

The city with the best model for minister outreach is Chicago. They have done this by UTS grads reaching out to churches. We have a long way to go with minister outreach. How can we accomplish this minister outreach?

Lynn Criner: The ministers who are here today will be here ten years from now unless they die, so we need to think of the long term. She thinks the lightest touch is the best, and God can work through that. Father said not to discuss theology, but to talk about the family.

Patsy Casino: Tiger Park said we have to get into TV.

Gregg Jones: He had a lot of success with some churches. He was able to bring the Martin Luther King Center to Baltimore, working on the successes in Richmond. Someone even offered him a building to work together.

He felt liberated reading Father's Jungsung and Love speech.

They also work with the Nation of Islam. We can use the camp in Pennsylvania to bring young people. He is planning to do Hoon Dok Hae in his minister's church. We can do Hoon Dok Hae just as we did pre-blessing.

George Russell: he left a lot of foundation in Wisconsin to go to UTS and is now in Richmond. If we can unite our family as spouse and children, that can be a powerful testimony.

He went with his family to meet 4 or 5 ministers after church, and introduced a packet of family values materials to them. He introduced the Blessing to the ministers and their congregations on many occasions.

Rev. Schanker: Antonio Betancourt spoke this morning about public Hoon Dok Hae. Also, every morning at 7 AM there is a prayer meeting at the Martin Luther King Library in Washington, DC.

Alex Colvin: If you want to start an organization in the school, you need one of the Blessed children to start it, and to get a faculty sponsor. The club can promote purity, reconciliation of factions in the school, drug prevention, etc. Service projects would also be good.

Myra Stanecki: David Caprara was working on an abstinence bill and got Myra to win over black Democrats, and so the bill passed unanimously. Now we need to develop curriculum material which can be shown in the school system. This is also going to affect other states, too. We could then take this a step farther with the idea of betrothal and engagement and marriage. We can do this as a grass roots organization and can do things very cheaply.

People wanting to be involved in the purity movement:

Patsy Casino
Lynn Criner
Stephen Goldberg
Nancy Bulow
Wendy Herstein
Alex Hunter
Joe Taylor
Kim Dadachanji

People wanting to be involved in TV / Radio:

Patsy Casino
Joe Taylor
Arthur Herstein
Damian Anderson
Gene Garbowski

People wanting to be involved in minister outreach:

Greg Jones
Jahan Shahi
Lynn Criner
Alex Hunter
Joe Taylor

Nancy Bulow: Tomiko Duggan will give a live TV show on the role of the media, hosted by Armstrong Williams, at the Washington Times.

There are two major activities: minister outreach and purity education.

Dr. Yang: I would like to see all of you form your own churches. Make a minister with one to three churches.

Myra spoke very briefly about what happened in Virginia (abstinence bill), but it is spreading nationwide.

We need to develop a way so that the pure love movement can take root worldwide.

Even though America may be sexually permissive, no parent wants their 12-14 year old to be sexually active. In Chicago, there were many schools that asked us to work with them.

Father asked Dr. Yang to meet Marion Barry and have him pledge to teach the middle and high school students about purity. The mayor no longer had control over education as someone else was in charge of education. Now the new mayor is getting his authority back.

This church building will be used for abstinence education.

Don't be afraid of the atmosphere in public schools. Please convince the principals of your children's schools to get involved in this activity.

Dr. Yang suggests a monthly practical meeting of UTS grads. We could produce a newsletter. No other area has more UTS grads than DC. In the future when Father calls church leaders, all UTS grads should go. When Father first comes to America, all UTS grads should come. Whenever he comes back to the USA, you should come to see him as he gives an important message.

We need to have the desire to be close to Father and to receive his words when he comes.

Also, we could get together to create as scholarship fund for UTS. Even $20 per month from 95 people would be a big help for UTS.

When Dr. Yang was a student in a Methodist seminary in Korea, most students received scholarship funds. When he was an undergraduate in Korea, he received money from a man outside the church for his studies.

Please remember that you are the main force of True Parents' movement in the Washington area.

By volunteer and nomination, a steering committee for the UTS Alumni Association was formed: Adri de Groot, acting chairman; Robin Musiol, acting vice-chairman; Jim Borer, Tim Elder, Sonoko Steinbronn, Wendy Herstein, Stephen Henkin, Henry Christopher.

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