The Words of the Araki Family

Seven STF Members Report

Rebecca Araki, Melissa Davis, Misun Muhlbock, Elisa Hack, Daniel Lopez, Tiffany Sabo, and Hannah van Loon
October 1, 2005

Rebecca Araki:

Fundraising prepared my heart in an incredible way to see True Parents and attend True Parent's speech in Denver.

Our fundraising condition the day before was like sacrificing our physical bodies in the hot sun for True Father. Our team met harsh rejections - my partner and I came back crying to the van from a persecution, but it made our love for True Father even stronger. That's when I felt that True Parents were really my parents. On the day of Father's speech, while we fundraised, I met a lady whose only son had died. Spirit world moved me, and I gave her my picture of True Parents. She set it on her altar, and said it was so beautiful. Because of these experiences, I cried so hard when True Father came to the stage. I gave him my sincerest heart. At Hoon Dok Hae, I was so amazed how Father gives his whole body and love to us. I feel ashamed that my intensity for God and humanity doesn't match True Parentsí heart. And when Father said goodbye as he left the Hoon Dok Hae room, I was so sad, because my own Father was leaving.

Now I see how much True Parents invested in America, and I want to do something to change this country for God through STF.

Melissa Davis:

Father told Rev. McCarthy that if we can long for him, he will be there to support us. But seeing Father so aged and still working as hard made me think a lot. When can WE be there for True Father?! And when can he depend on us? True Children must have this heart. I realized this because through the condition for the tour I developed a love of attending True Parents. Especially when we were fundraising to set a condition for Denver, I could feel Father there with me. I wanted to take all the rejections for him so he couldn't feel the pain, and share every joy with him. Doing this I longed so much to have a pure strong heart while standing there in front of True Father. It was amazing.

Misun Muhlbock:

Father is a superman because only he can do a 100-city tour and still have more energy than us at 5 am! We really need to step it up because Father is calling for many superheroes who can also do tours ad reach out to many people, someone to undertake the awesome responsibility of God's will.

Elisa Hack:

I was excited to go and see True Father because being on the front line made me realize how grateful I am for everything, all the blessings True Parents has done for me and also how much I've taken them for granted; like, giving me my eternal spouse and my family and my faith. During Hoon Dok Hae, Father said we could call him anytime and he would be there for us in spirit. I was deeply moved by this. After fundraising, I was praying about my day and offering it up to Heavenly Father, and Father came to me and he was crying. He said I'm so grateful for your sacrifices and struggle. And I said I am eternally grateful to you.

Daniel Lopez (by his captain):

He shared with tears during breakfast after Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents that he really longed to meet True Parents because for 5 years he didn't had an opportunity to see them. Before, when he was living in Jardim, he met them every week, month and didn't so much appreciate the time he spent with True Parents. ...He was so moved by the video presentation before fatherís speech, and when Father came up to the stage Daniel burst into tears, seeing Him, he felt finally he met his Father whom he couldn't see for long time. He has been waiting for that moment for 5 years... After this meeting with True Parents his heart really opened and his attitude has changed, volunteering to take on a lot of responsibilities on the team.

Hannah van Loon:

Going to Father's speech in Denver, I wanted to go with the attitude of supporting Father, giving something to him. I was determined that no matter what, I would give to Father.

As we listened to Father, I realized that we really weren't supporting Father, even STF was not responding enough to Father, and I could feel that he had to invest so much in us. We were there to inspire and give energy to Father, but I was clearly not doing this. Then with other STF members, we went to the front, and started having more give and take with Father. I felt that Father was giving so much to us, and he must be so tired, and I wanted just to make him happy and smile. Then more and more, we began to respond to what Father was saying, cheering and clapping, and then Father pointed to us and said, "you young people should stop clapping so much and study more!"

At first, I felt divided but later realized that Father is actually so happy that we are there. I felt so much joy that STF could make Father smile. I felt that STF really is connected to Father, and now is our time, not to just say we love Father, but do something about it. That together if we determine, we can do something to help Father, and he doesn't have to do it by himself anymore. I am so grateful for this experience with Father. Yes... he really is my Father, thank you! Mansei!

Tiffany Sabo (from her reflection in her diary, Sept. 25, 2005):

Today was an amazing day! We had the honor above all honors to attend Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents. Not only attend him but we were able to sit all the way up in front. A lot of it was hard to understand because of translation but I did get many valuable points.

Especially that WE HAVE TO STUDY AND BE CLEAR AND THEN WE WILL GAIN CONFIDENCE. This was the most powerful point to me because my goal this quarter is to gain confidence in representing God. It was like an answer thrown at me. It made me realize how much I have to study. He also said "THERE IS NO PERFECTION IN IGNORANCE". I know that I am so ignorant. I need to study the Divine Principle more in depth. I need to study God's words to truly connect, to have power, and to have confidence. True Father is so confident because he knows and lives God's word. That is how I want to be. He also said that we must resemble God and to do that we have to study and know God. It was so amazing how True Father has so much hope in us(2nd Gen). To see him be inspired by us was so beautiful.

True Father talked about 2nd generation setting a strong foundation in our lives. I think STF is one of the best foundations in our life because we are really working on our relationship with God and working on our life of faith. Working on resembling God. True Parents also mentioned how WE, AS 2ND GEN HAVE TO UNITE AND WITH THE POWER OF UNITY WE CREATE, WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD. It is so true that so many 2nd generation are weak. STF is a program that not only unifies all of us and really reaches out to the world but it also helps us grow stronger and helps us keep ourselves vertical. STF also teaches us how to become owners of our life and faith. If we don't have ownership over our lives, the satanic culture will take over us and eventually destroy us.

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