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"The Role Of Religion In Peace And Reconciliation: The Building of the Peace Temple in Seoul, Korea"

Antonio L. Betancourt
January 22, 2009

Temple Talk - You are Invited

The Summit Council for World Peace and the Office of Government Relations of the Family Federation for World Peace Cordially invite you to a presentation and discussion on: "THE ROLE OF RELIGION IN PEACE AND RECONCILIATION: The Building of the Peace Temple in Seoul, Korea" TUESDAY, January 27, 2009 2:00 to 5:00 PM. The University Club, 1135 16th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036 (Registration begins at 1:45 pm in the Governor's Room, 2nd fl.)

The World Peace Temple to be built in Seoul, Korea, will be a place of reconciliation and peace, beyond sectarianism and exclusion, based on shared universal values, common to all religions and faiths -- values validated by the teachings and philosophies of the great founders of world religions. It will be a place where people of all races, cultures and religions, especially the leadership, can come and lay down their language and practice of war, and create the structures for world peace. The temple will represent the internal aspirations of all humanity, of all civil society -- the dream of all ages -- a world of peace. -- from the introduction of the World Peace Temple narrative

Featured Speakers:

RODRIGO CARAZO -- President of the Republic of Costa Rica (1978-82), is the Chairman, Board of Presidents, Summit Council for World Peace. He founded the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights and the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica. He has led delegations of the Carter Center to monitor elections around the world. Dr. Carazo has worked tirelessly for the last 50 years in the service of humanity and contributing significantly to the cause of world peace.

FRANK KAUFMANN, Ph.D. - Executive Director of the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP), editor in chief of Dialogue and Alliance (a scholarly journal on religion and peace), and Editor in Chief of the New World Encyclopedia (a values based, general knowledge encyclopedia). He has worked in the area of religion and conflict resolution for 31 years in over 65 countries.

Moderator: ANTONIO L. BETANCOURT -- Secretary General, Summit Council for World Peace; Director, Office of Government Relations, Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International; and, President, World Institute for Development and Peace. 

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