The Words of the Daugherty Family

Jesus the Spiritual Father of Rev. Moon

Levy M. B. Daugherty
December, 2002
Executive Director
American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC)
ACLC Annual Convocation
Chicago, IL

I would like to explain some important points about how founder, Rev. (Father) Moon first met Jesus.

Rev. Moon began his ministry because of Jesus' calling. It was in the year of 1936 on Easter Sunday morning when Jesus Christ appeared to Father Moon. At that time, Father Moon was only 15 years old western age, 16 years old eastern age. (Koreans count the first year while the child is still in the mother's womb.) Father Moon did not begin his mission until he was 24 years old. The question is, "What was he doing between the years of 16 and 24?" In that time Father Moon walked and talked with Jesus every single day, every hour, every second. Jesus and Father Moon in those days were as one.

It is important to know that Jesus called Father Moon and chose him. We all know the verse in the Bible (paraphrased) "...many are called but few are chosen..." How many of us can remember when Jesus called us; what did we say to Jesus at that time. We all can remember the call just as if it were yesterday, but none of us have the capability of going out on our own without a spiritual experience with Jesus, and a deep understanding of what he wants us to do. Some us have been preaching and teaching for more than 20 years finding we still need Jesus' guidance every day.

In the 1930's when Father Moon was a young boy, Jesus stayed with him day and night teaching him about the spiritual world, the physical world and the relationship between the two worlds. Father Moon wanted to know two basic points:

1) What was God's intention for the creation?

2) How did sin come into the world and why?

Jesus shared deeply about his childhood life, and how he was treated as a young boy. Jesus shared with him how he was misunderstood by everyone. Jesus did not have a friend in this world. He shared the deepest pain of his heart that even his father Joseph did not love him.

Father Moon's love for Jesus was so great that his deepest desire was to take away his pain and sorrow. During this time, on his way to school Jesus shared with him that his father never hugged him as a boy. Father Moon began to cry uncontrollably, and he found in his path a pole and he hugged that pole imagining it was Jesus. He was crying and hugging the pole. Many tried to pry him away from it but they could not. This is one example of the kind of love Father Moon had for Jesus as a young boy. From that Easter Sunday morning, Father Moon never smiled again until he began his public ministry. Some of the elders in the church said that Father Moon would pray and cry sometimes all night long. He prayed and cried as if Jesus had possessed his body and was using him to remove the pain of his childhood life. Father Moon wanted Jesus to use his body as if it were his own. Father Moon himself has encountered great pain and suffering because of his ministry. He has been imprisoned six times, each time he was accused of spreading false doctrine while trying to do only what he promised Jesus he would do. Even in America he was accused of tax evasion, but in the courtroom the main topic was not money, but his beliefs.

Each of us would like to be possessed by Jesus. Many of us get possessed by the Holy Spirit. We call it being filled with the Holy Spirit. During this time of learning and studying Father Moon wore out three Bibles underlining and reading pages until the pages were no longer legible. In many cases he was taught directly by Jesus, his spiritual father, because there were many questions that were not answered in the Bible and many mysteries still unexplained. Jesus taught that now is the time for all the mysteries to be revealed. The Bible was written in codes so that only men and women of God could understand and interpret it.

Therefore even the ancient interpretation was based on the time, which only the person who was filled with the Holy Spirit and God's revelation could understand. Father Moon had many questions because he had seen the tragedy and problems in the world. In his own family there were many tragedies leading up to the time he met Jesus Christ. He was more than curious as a young boy. He wanted to know why there was evil in the world. Jesus took Father Moon into the spirit world and showed him God's plan. Father Moon discovered, while he was in the spiritual world how evil took place in the Garden of Eden through the fall. Father Moon confronted Satan face to face and accused him; it was not just an apple but it was an illicit love relationship between Lucifer and Eve. (The Great Seduction) Genesis 3:15-19 Jesus also revealed to Father Moon how Satan intervened in the lives of Adam and Eve causing them to fall and change the course of history.

Thus began the Providence of Restoration, instead of the continuation of the creation process. Father Moon said, "...if the fall had not taken place, at the time Noah was building the Ark, we would have been building instead, the first spaceship to the moon."

We can understand the prolongation process that took place starting from Abraham. Father Moon calls this course, "The Course of Restoration."

Evil cannot be destroyed or killed. The only way evil can be eradicated from the earth: it must be restored. Therefore the indemnity process was discovered by Father Moon through the process of restoration. The blessing of marriages was inspired. Through this process families can be restored back into God's family. Matthew 5: 9 "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God." We need to understand the value of marriages through the blessing. Marriages that have already taken place need to be rededicated, new marriages need to go through the blessing process. The Ambassadors of Peace throughout the world are being commissioned, and blessed families are creating peace, starting first in the home, then the community, spreading to the nations and the world. Through the ritual of ancestral liberation and blessing, restoration and peace in the spiritual and physical worlds will occur simultaneously. This will bring God's kingdom to the earth. 

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