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The Next IPSF Will Be In 2010

John W. Gehring
November 20, 2008


We would like to announce that the date of the next International Peace Sports Festival (IPSF) has been moved to July 2010.

Since the closing ceremony of the Festival in 2007, the IPSF has moved into the next stage of its development. The most significant development of the many that occurred was the sponsorship from the Peace Dream Foundation in February of this year. The Peace Dream Foundation, an organization supported by the Peace Cup, a professional football tournament, promotes world-class sports events while working on grassroots sports programs that promote peace and development. We realize that many of you have made efforts to bring your athletes to the IPSF in July 2009, but we hope that this added time will allow you to better prepare.

Because you have contributed to building the spirit of the IPSF, your comments on how to make the IPSF 2010 an even better event are greatly appreciated.


John W. Gehring
International Director IPSF 

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