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Passing the Baton: A Change in RYS Leadership - John W. Gehring Replaces Daniel Bessell

March 19, 2010
Tarrytown, NY, USA

The Universal Peace Federation announces that Rev. John W. Gehring has been appointed as the International Director of the Religious Youth Service (RYS).

Rev. Gehring is replacing Mr. Daniel Bessell who since 2006 has served with dedication and creativity. Mr. Bessell has overseen over forty projects while holding his RYS responsibility. He further improved the website and developed the online system for proposing and reporting projects. Additionally, Mr. Bessell has been instrumental in the development of an alumni forum where many alumni of past projects have been able to connect to new RYS participants through the worldwide web.

Rev. Gehring began his work with the RYS in 1986 and will be serving his third term as its international director. His work in recent years includes directing the International Peace and Sports Festival (IPSF) and sitting as President of Peace Dream Inc., a US based nonprofit organization working in the field of sports and character education.

The Religious Youth Service (RYS) was launched by Dr. Sun Myung Moon in November 1985 as a vehicle to attract and encourage cooperative efforts among youth of all religions in modeling selfless service for communities in need. In its first 25 years of activities the RYS has held over 200 projects in 57 nations involving thousands of participants and tens of thousands of community members. 

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