The Words of the Jenkins Family

The Victorious 5th Year Of Cheon Il Guk Comes To A Conclusion

Michael Jenkins
December 31, 2005

Dear Family,

We began the year of 2005 as the fifth year of Cheon Il Guk with the motto, "Let us Complete the Internal and External Ideal of Cheon Il Guk". January set the foundation for our work for 2005 with visits to the Middle East and IIFWP conferences for World Peace.

The final coronation of our True Parents occurred on their birthday on February 6, 2005. Also, a most beautiful blessing occurred on that day of millions of couples in Korea and via satellite. At the IIFWP conference in the afternoon Father gave a most historic address. During his speech he had a very special communion with heaven. True Family members are all taking responsibility for the different aspects of the providence. Hyung Jin Nim in particular was asked to focus on the religious dimension of the providence. He conducted several workshops at UTS for the development of the spiritual foundation for mind - body unity, husband - wife unity and parents and children unity through the Chung Hwa Dong seminars.

This was confirmation of the completion of all the vertical and horizontal elements of support for True Parents as the King and Queen of Peac from the religious and political leaders of 191 countries. This was also the final confirmation of True Parents from From that point on the King and Queen of Peace then focused on ushering in the Kingdom of Peace. On this basis the Cheon Il Guk leaders conference was held in which True Parents gave the commission for all Blessed Central Families to return to their homes to establish the Hoon Dok Family Church tradition which is the central condition for this dispensation to unify the Fatherland.

To launch this historic movement centering on Rev. Kwak all world leaders of the Family Movement assembled for the Cheon Il Guk leaders meeting. At that conference True Parents gave us the cornerstone of the Blessed Family and the Hoon Dok Family Church. That was the Cheon Seung Gyeong, the Heavenly Scripture - The Word. Father and Mother personally handed out 1000 Cheon Seong Gyeong books to the leaders assembled. The Word was bequeathed as the foundation for our spiritual lives and the Hoon Dok Family Church.

Father then commissioned every leader and blessed couple to return to the hometown and to bless their Abel and Cain tribes and establish God's Temple in their family and in their homes. In America Father expanded this providence from the hometown of the Blessed Couple to every couple being responsible for three Christian churches (because America's root is Jesus and Christianity). This he called, One Family Three Churches. Rev. Joshua Cotter was assigned in this year by Dr. Yang to be Vice President and National Director of Field Operations. His particular focus in the Hoon Dok Family Church ("Family Association").

In the Cheon Il Guk leaders meeting it also became clear centering on Rev. Kwak as the "representative and leader of all Blessed Central Families" that a new age had dawned. Our internal life and external development must become one. Therefore we must go through a transformation of "Lifestyle, Leadership, Awareness and Methodology." Our old ways of doing things in the New Testament era would no longer be effective in the Era After the coming of Heaven. We must change. We must not be personality centered but centered on True Parents heart, word, principle and tradition.

Our leadership must change and develop according to the providence of heaven. We must grow to be able to take down all walls and barriers and completely embrace and liberate all mankind. All walls must be removed. In March, Rev. Kwak conducted the Cheon Il Guk Leaders meeting in the U.S. for all Unification leaders in all professions and organizations. Dr. Chang Shik Yang also conducted a special session for U.S. leaders to brief them on the plans and goals for North America.

In March, May and November Father sent the Middle East Peace Initiative Delegations to the Middle East to remove barriers and take down the walls. This advanced in Israel, Palestine and now in Jordan. Through many marches and conferences core Ambassadors for Peace overcame intense opposition and challenges from those who do not want peace or do not understand that peace requires love, repentance and reconciliation. Very serious challenges came to stop our work, but though opposite has occurred, it has been greatly and deeply strengthened. The core Ambassadors for Peace are now taking the central responsibility for the movement of Peace. They have the spirit of God's people and like those who walked in America in the Civil Rights history - "They shall not be moved". Muslim, Christians and Jews are joining together to take down the walls and barriers. Many in the Holy Land attribute the pull out of Gaza and the opening of the Borders there to the work by MEPI to end the barriers and divisions among people of faith. Soon the walls will come down. Its just a matter of time.

On June 1 the National Leadership Seminar was held at Catholic University to clarify the plans and goals for 2005 and beyond. This launched clarification of the direction for the cooperation all all educational organizations in America to develop the Ambassadors for Peace, the ACLC Clergy and the Hoon Dok Family Church (Family Association and the development of youth centering on the Second Generation.). Mr. Jim Flynn was designated as chairman of the affiliated organizations group as well as the Co- Chairman of the Ambassadors for Peace.

The Bering Strait World Peace King Bridge and Tunnel was launched. To announce this True Parents did a special four city tour of America. Also in conjunction with the Bering Strait providence Father initiated the Philanthropists assembly which opened a new category for the development of the Ambassadors for Peace.

In July the Korean War Veterans were gathered from 16 nations in Korea. It was a tearful event and all pledged to complete the work that was initiated over 50 years ago to reunify Korea centering on the Abel UN. 25 US and 25 Canadian representatives came to Korea and wept together with us. They were "bonded" with Father Moon because he could understand the purpose for which the veterans sacrificed (to stop communism) and the honor that they should be given.

Also throughout the year huge breakthroughs occurred in Korea in which 7,000 top leaders were educated in Japan concerning the Ambassadors for Peace movement and the reunification of Korea. This also was paralleled by significant contributions to the 6 party talks and special meetings with leaders in the North. In addition and the pro South Korean group (Min Dan) and the pro North Korean group (Cho Chong Ryun) of Korean residents in Japan both united with True Parents and proclaimed the only hope for Re Unification of Korea could be found in Rev. Moon's philosophy.

ACLC had special convocations in Ocean City and Phoenix which greatly expanded the foundation of Christian pastors who accept Divine Principle. Its just a matter of time before a huge revolution occurs in the clergy. At the end of July ACLC conducted a special pilgrimage to the Fatherland in which 100 couples from the clergy and ambassadors for peace had their marriages blessed by True Parents. Outstanding clergy came forth such as Rev. Amos Brown and Rev. Andre Jackson stood out with their blessed couples. We sincerely thank Rev. Levy Daugherty as the Secretary General of ACLC for his work to lead this providence of uniting the Christian leaders. ACLC made great advancements in this year, we are inspired that Rev. Edwards and Bishop Stallings could travel to 12 cities with Father representing the Protestant and Catholic positions of John the Baptist. They fulfilled so much in this year. They went to Fiji recently to help the Christian leaders understand that Jesus is with Father Moon.

We saw many many key clergy come to accept the Divine Principle and teach it in their ministries. ACLC came forward in a big way with IRFF for Katrina. ACLC board member Rev. Bennit Hayes of Houston led the way to help so many families. (He continues to do this today.) Rev. Rawls and Rev. Sapp (Under Kathy Winnings) direction won recognition for fielding a volunteer response network for Alabama. Also, ACLC Women in Ministry has made great strides in strengthening women clergy and in particular the wives of our pastors to join their husbands in the work to unify the body of Christ and to strengthen and bless the families.

Also our second generation came forth and many couples were blessed together with the clergy on August 1, 2005. It is important to note that the IIFWP always supported these central historic events with international conferences that has won the support of the top leaders of the world for our True Parents dispensation for peace. The World Culture and Sports Festival included another historic Inter-religious Peace Sports Festivals and athletes from all over the world participated. 120 came from the U.S. and our teams won medals in many events, our men's and women's basketball team did and outstanding job winning medals.

In August, Women's Federation for World Peace led by Dr. Lan Young Moon and our American President Mrs. Alexa Ward made an historic journey to China representing Korea, Japan, America and representing every continent. This was to secure the peace from the position of the mother. The internal condition to protect this providence was the rally of 12,000 in four cities. (Mentioned above). This had to be launched from America centering on women and the four city tour. It was to diffuse tensions between the United States and China and set the condition of sending love and support to China for the 2008 Olympics.

Also in August an amazing blessing occurred in which Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim toured America for the liberation and blessing of our ancestors. This gave deep inspiration for our families and we found many who were very distant came back to True Parents heart. The Chung Pyung Providence centering on Dae Mo Nim is the central development in preparation for True Parents and our world movement to permanently settle in Chung Pyung at the Special Temple that is being built.

In September the central event and accomplishment of the year was realized. It was the establishment of the Universal Peace Federation, of the Abel UN on September 12th at the Lincoln Center in New York. It was launched from the foundation of the IIFWP and the many historic conferences that were held this year and many years before, through which a worldwide foundation was created of Ambassadors for Peace from the highest levels of society. This became the basis of the Universal Peace Federation. To secure this foundation throughout the world and spread the Peace Kingdom, True Parents went on a 120-city world tour (120 cities actually did public events in which True Parents address was delivered - in some cases by Rev. Kwak, Dr. Walsh or the Continental Leaders). True Parents directly traveled the 100-city course covering every continent. This historic tour "opened" the gate to many providential countries that previously were blocked. In particular Great Britain welcomed True Parents reversing an old barrier creating a new day of peace and understanding. This led to the fall of many barriers in Europe and throughout the world. Father broke all world records for the number of cities visited by any leader in history giving public addresses in such a short amount of time. Top religious leaders, heads of state and world leaders connected deeply with True Parents. This was begun on September 12 - went through 12 cities of America, Japan and Korea as the foundation and then went to 72 additional countries stopping finally in Korea on December 27 with a rally of 50,000.

On that basis True Parents conducted the Gyocha, "cross cultural" blessing between all cultures, races and religions. Father also opened the gate for all who were blessed but lost their spouse due to divorce to be re-blessed. Grace was opened for all. Father matched the second generation and first generation of new members and gave the responsibility to the Continental directors to heal the families through matching of previously blessed couples with one another and allowing them to be blessed. The fruits of Mrs. Erikawa and Rev. Schanker were seen in the incredible blessing at the end of this year. On December 29, 2005 the Gyocha Blessing of 1147 Couples was conducted at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center.

This was in great part successful from America due to the love and heart and investment of Mrs. Erikawa . Also the work of Rev. Schanker in guiding our Second Generation and Blessed Family Department contributed in a big way. America is developing the infrastructure through Rev. Schanker to educate and strengthen our families and youth. We thank Mr. Jim and Hiromi Stephens for their work with the BFD and In Guk and In Soo Kim as well as Taka for the work with the Second Generation Department. Together with Mr. Mito the CARP President we envision a huge explosion centering on Second Generation in 2006. STF and Service for Peace are contributing very significantly in the development and the education of our youth and for this we express our gratitude to Hyun Jin Nim and all STF and SFP people. SFP won several notable accolades of recognition and a viable model for service learning and the development of the character of youth. We have seen very significant development with our Youth Ministries across America and our educators conference at UTS had over 200 participants from Sunday School through other aspects of education in America. All in All America is coming together with one heart to reach every dimension of the providence. UTS has developed a very good faculty and its extension site has become diverse in its student body. A new initiative with the Alumni, UTS and the Church as partners is to secure scholarship funding for 30 second generation college graduates to receive their Masters degree following the desire of True Parents for our leaders.

We wish to express our heartfelt gratitude to our True Parents, Rev. Kwak and especially to our Continental Director who led us to fulfill the goals and directions that True Father has given us. Under Dr. Yang's leadership the American movement has unified with one heart and is absolutely determined to fulfill the mission of the Elder Son Country. We want to express our gratitude to our Regional and Vice regional directors and AFC leaders and our leaders in every organization for tirelessly sacrificing to nurture our families and move the providence forward for Ambassadors for Peace and the ACLC has so many victorious stories that are regularly chronicled on our affiliated websites.

The fifth year of Cheon Il Guk was one of massive advancement for the Peace Kingdom. Let us thank God and True Parents with our whole heart and offer them our gratitude and devotion as we march on into the year of 2006 - the 6th year of Cheon Il Guk with the understanding and confidence that total victory has already been secured if we walk forward with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience.

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