The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer For Godwin DaSilva

Michael Jenkins
January 21, 2006

Dear Family,

One of our outstanding pastors and ministerial leaders over the years is Rev. Godwin DaSilva. He is doing so well in offering himself for the work of our Ministry and Mission. We sincerely thank Darleen his wife and his family for their unchanging attitude of faith. He went to UTS and graduated with honors, worked to advance the seminary and now is working with the Los Angeles region very successfully.

He has won the battle over cancer at each and every stage. He is now going in next week for a final completion of restorative colon surgery.

We sincerely ask that you offer prayers for him and his family to have long, healthy and most prosperous and happy lives. Father and Mother love Godwin and his family very much and are always so happy when he reports. We need you Godwin!!!!

He is a blessing to our movement.

With Love, Prayer and Respect,

Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Church of America

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