The Words of the Jenkins Family

Donation for Chung Pyung Extended to March 31, 2006

Michael Jenkins
January 25, 2006

Dear Family,

All are encouraged to donate for the special temple (original palace) that is being constructed in Korea. The period in which this donation will be accepted has been extended to March 31, 2006, due to construction delays.

Information about where to donate can be found on the Chung Pyung official website. All donations should be sent to Chung Pyung directly and recorded with FFWPU Headquarters by emailing Rev. Jorg Heller at There is also bank wire information listed on the CP website.

The offering of $1,200. is the amount per family. With your $1,200. donation your family name will be engraved permanently in the temple for your family to be recorded forever for all your posterity. Once the period is concluded the opportunity to register your support will be concluded and your family's name will not be recorded as "officially" supporting this historic temple and central holy place for our worldwide movement.

Dr. Yang and I fully support and endorse this support and ask everyone to spread the news of this opportunity. This is all up to the decision of the family. We encourage it because it is a substantial way that you can record your family's official support for God's dispensation to create the permanent and central temple and Holy Place for God and a central educational, worship and meeting location for the worldwide movement.

Imagine the difference between those who offered something for Jesus while he was alive as opposed to those who built great cathedrals after his passing. The offering of greater value is clearly realized while Jesus was alive. This is the time to register our support for the central providence centering on our True Parents.

The choice is yours.

Respectfully and with the Love of True Parents,


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