The Words of the Jenkins Family

Prayer Request For Kathy Coman

Michael Jenkins
February 2, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please offer sincere prayers for our sister Kathryn. She has been faithful and is overcoming cancer.

Please offer your hearts to request heaven's blessing and protection for her and her family and for full recovery.


Rev.Michael Jenkins
National Pastor
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA

Prayer Request
Kathryn Coman
February 1, 2006

Last September I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I've had a mastectomy and completed my first round of chemotherapy drugs without any major complications. Overall, my prognosis is good. My lymph nodes were clear.

Tomorrow I start my second round of chemotherapy. My treatments are once a week (Thursdays) for 12 weeks. I'm being treated by the best doctors in Ann Arbor, who tell me that I will have a 90% chance of being cancer-free for the next 10 years after completion of the chemotherapy.

I know the coming weeks will not be easy. I appreciate any and all prayers for this 12-week time period especially.

God Bless! 1-4-3 ITN
Kathryn Coman

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