The Words of the Jenkins Family

Rev. Jenkins' report from Chung Pyung with TP

Michael Jenkins
February 5, 2006

Dear Family,

Yesterday, February 4th was the beginning of the Cheon Il Guk leaders conference. Father led us in Hoon Dok Hae from 5 am until 10:30 am. He canceled the entire days schedule and asked us to tour Chung Pyung and then play Yute at night.

True Parents expressed profound love for everyone. It was incredible. Father poured out his heart that he will never stop until everyone is blessed and every one becomes part of God's Kingdom. Everyone is welcome to live in the bosom of God. The key is love. Father mentioned that on the 120 City Tour from Nepal he had a change to fly over the Himalayas. There as he and True Mother and party were flying he saw two clouds that resembled a husband and a wife about to embrace. He said that no one knew why but he cried. With tears streaking down his face he never shared what he was thinking. He felt overwhelmed with God's heart that everyone must have the chance to experience True Love as a husband and a wife. He felt God's sorrow that so many suffer alone. Father said he is determined to give the blessing to every man and woman.

This is his prayer.

Brothers and sisters, we must overcome all our challenges centering on building a family of love. Love is the answer to resolve all the divisions and the resentments of history. True love is fulfilled in True Parents. There is no one excluded from God's love. No One.


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