The Words of the Jenkins Family

Linda Triggol Awarded By True Parents

Michael Jenkins
February 7, 2006

Dear Family,

Rev. Linda Triggol has given herself for many years as a person with a beautiful heart loving God, True Parents and humanity. She has been a state leader for many years and worked in all front line missions in our church, fundraising, witnessing -- on all levels. She went to Chung Pyung with the special leaders training in 2003 for 50 days.

She went to Israel for 90 days with the Special Task Force and supported the Continental Middle East Peace Initiative, staying the whole time in Jerusalem. She gave herself faithfully. She battled cancer and almost lost her life in 2005. During that time of great trial she never stopped being grateful. She received incredible support and healing power from God, True Parents and DMN in 2005. She remained faithful. Then the blessings began to flow. Her daughter Jolynn was blessed in the Gyocha blessing with Sung Il Taylor. (Jolynn volunteered to have an interracial blessing and she pleased True Parents so much with her spirit).

Then three leaders were submitted for recognition for the Best Member of the Year for each continent. True Parents with the help of Rev. Kwak chose Linda based on The Continental Director, President and many other key leaders recommendations. We submitted her life history and accomplishments and the testimony about her heart through life and death trials. Especially supporting the Israel providence and being a state leader. Her spiritual son Bobby, who became a full time member in Indiana was blessed also in the Gyocha Blessing. Her husband John is African from Angola. He is a white African and they were so happy that their daughter could be married to an African American. They felt it was destiny.

When the cancer was found Linda was diagnosed with little chance of survival. They removed a tumor the size of a small soccer ball from her. Prayers went out throughout the world and she said she felt those prayers. She met DMN in Chicago and renewed her strength. She overcame with love and faith.

She is honored as a great American and a great woman in American history. Her service and sacrificed has been recognized by True Parents. We are so proud of you Linda. You are a great daughter of True Parents and a great Blessed Wife, Mother and leader. May God give you, your husband and family a long and prosperous and healthy life. You are an exemplary American and you have made America proud before True Parents and history.

With Gratitude,

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