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Managing Editor Needed For Chung Seong Gyeong

Michael Jinkins
February 15, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Father's words compiled in the historic Chung Seong Gyeong have been translated into to English. It has required months of painstaking efforts in translation from Korean to English and in depth discussions about key Korean words and concepts and the deeper theological meaning, as well as the proper theological expression in English. This has been an enormous challenge as you can imagine. However, the majority of this work is done.

Now there is need for a managing editor who is a native English speaker to move to Korea from now until May to oversee the final editing of this historic record of Father's core teachings. Knowledge of Korean would be fantastic; however, it is not required. There will be compensation.

This person must be an excellent editor with in-depth knowledge of the Divine Principle and Father's core teachings. This person must also be able to manage a team of four to five assisting editors that can work from America (or Europe) by email. The editing must preserve the integrity of the message as well as convey the thought in the highest standard of English. It must be perfect. This work will become a permanent record of Father's teaching and core expression of God's Word in English. Candidates should be people with outstanding spiritual lifestyle that can be verified by Regional, National or International FFWPU leaders. It is important that the candidates feel called to do this historic and sacred work. It would be very good if they have graduated from UTS. They have to be people of impeccable integrity who understand that the Word is sacred and must not be bent or changed in a way that alters the meaning or distorts the intent.

The English translation has to convey the suprareligious, supranational, supraracial character of Father's words, that are beyond the boundaries of current traditions, yet are given with a heart of sincere respect for the history of God's revealed word through the various religions and Holy Scriptures.

Again, the mission begins as soon as possible and concludes at the end of May. To answer the call for this historic mission or to ask questions, please email us.

Others who would like to be considered for the editing team that would remain in the U.S. (or in Europe) may also email us to express your interest.

Please pray and consider this most historic role to bring the expression of God's Word and True Parent's teaching to the Western World.

With deepest gratitude for your consideration,

Dr. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification USA

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