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Report On The Cheon Il Guk Leaders Conference

Michel Jenkins
February 15, 2006

Cheon Il Guk leaders conference:

After True Parents' birthday celebration, the Cheon Il Guk leaders conference was convened at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth International Training Center. The day began with Rev. Kwak as emcee at An Shi Il. Father was explosive with love and spiritual power, speaking for five and a half hours. The contents of his message were sent out on Feb. 4th. Father is absolutely clear about our purpose being achieved. The timeline is 2008 for the completion of the growth stage, and 2012 for the finishing the completion stage. As always, True Parents knew what the world leadership needed the most, and gave strong word for 5.5 hours. The message was so clear and profound about our role in establish peace on earth. Every leader was glued to their seats.

Father also recognized Rev. Kwak, Rev. Sun Jo Hwang, Rev. Jeong Ok Eu from Japan, and Dr. Chang Shik Yang as the four leaders who should be responsible for all the activities in the world of building the Peace Kingdom under Universal Peace Federation and Family Federation. Father stood up all the National Messiahs and asked if they had fulfilled their mission. They are still to continue on but anyone can resign at any time. Their mission is completed when they bless all the people of their country, changing their blood lineage. The National Messiahs are ambassadors from True Parents to those nations, and they should develop to the level where they can meet regularly the prime minister or president to guide the nation. Father said all the National Messiahs will be under those four leaders, centering on Rev. Kwak. Their mission must be fulfilled.

After Father's speech he announced that we should tour Chung Pyung and then have yute games that night. So the originally planned schedule was transformed into a celebration spirit. Yute is such an exciting tradition. The very prominent aspects of Korean heart and character come out during the game, where the passion of the battle is very intense. Winning is very, very important. However, even though there may be very passionate disputes over referee's rulings, as soon as the game is over, everyone is completely laughing and hugging each other. During that game, however, there are no hugs. It is war. I was fortunate to go to the finals with our excellent team centering on Rev. Im from Chung Pyung. Our team took second place. Many of our Americans were on teams that placed well. Dr. Yang's team placed in the top four and he won a prize for that. It was so great to experience yute again, remembering our conferences with True Parents in the 70s. During God's Day time we always played yute through the night.

Next morning True Parents distributed the prizes and a very brief HDH was held. Then we went right in to the Cheon Il Guk leaders schedule. Rev. Kwak gave the opening presentation, which helped orient us toward the next phase of Cheon Il Guk development. The theme, as last year, was the Transformation of our Awareness, Leadership, Lifestyle and Methodology. Rev. Kwak highlighted the development of UPF as the Abel UN, and substantive standing committees have now been formed to guide the work of peace throughout the world. Rev. Kwak's guidance was very detailed and really demonstrated that the Family Federation is the base from which all leadership is created, and therefore our hoon dok family church is the focus of our FFWPU. Hoon dok family church is the center of the providence and the fulfillment of tribal messiahship. Hoon dok family church should naturally spread to influence our neighborhood, community, state and nation. Every blessed couple should create a hoon dok family church as their tribal messiah responsibility.

On the foundation of blessed central families, the larger sphere of blessed families will be created through auxiliary organizations - IIFWP, AFC, ACLC, CARP, STF, SFP, all the different organizations that have the Divine Principle as their core values. We are clearly on the way to building the Kingdom of God. We need these organizations where non-Unificationists can stand as blessed couples and be Ambassadors for Peace to impact the world. We must guide the nations of the world to really establish morality and true peace.

During the conference there were presentations about the Bering Strait Peace King Bridge-Tunnel project, as well as the situation of North and South Korea, and the incredible development that's going on in the Yeosu area. Rev. Hwang has been able to secure total involvement from the South Korean government to develop it as a major resort area. Father's vision is now becoming substantial.

Members of True Family gave three separate presentations, and I must say each one was magnificent. Hyun Jin gave a very serious and yet warm presentation of where we should go, and also how True Parents are guiding him to embrace the blessed families. He shared that he understands what they are going through. He addressed the fact that blessed central families are suffering because we are challenging the sinful world, and historically such people are always resisted. The world doesn't want to change its ways. Hyun Jin nim's presentation was very uplifting and encouraging for our future.

Then Kook Jin nim gave a presentation on his work to turn around the business foundation in Korea. This truly was a new dimension of True Parents' plan for the future. Kook Jin nim emphasized integrity and honesty in give and take, putting in systems that allow for creative and honest discussion among management so that no one person can stand with the answers, but through collective discussions and openness answers can be found. The corporations owned by our members in Korea were hard-hit during the economic collapse in Korea, but have recovered and now are starting to show profit. Kook Jin nim also spoke from the Bible, especially the parable of the talents, that we should never just let an asset sit. Everything God gives us must grow or we are not managing it properly. He truly gave hope to our movement because we all feel that to really develop the Peace Kingdom we have to go beyond our old ways, to empower people and allow them to really fulfill their responsibilities.

Hyung Jin nim also spoke, addressing the central importance of religion and theology in history, why True Parents focused so much on our education in that field. His presentation was very profound, focusing on how theological differences have very concrete historical consequences in which the world becomes divided, politically and in every other way, according to certain theological and religious values. He used the example of the split between the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches, and the difference in theology between Islam and the Judeo-Christian world. These are key elements to understand in bringing peace. True Parents' focus on the inter-religious council and the grounding of all our Ambassadors for Peace in core religious values is central to the work. His presentation also gave very deep guidance and principles based on the Bible, as well as Father's words about our life of faith at this time.

In a very moving moment he showed his gratitude to all blessed central families for walking this path of suffering, and said with extreme humility how much he loved and respected everyone. He bowed to the Japanese for their sacrifice over the years and then began to cry. It was overwhelming. Many in the audience were sobbing. All the divisions and pain and sorrow are being restored at this time.

The Cheon Il Guk leaders meeting concluded with Rev. Kwak's guidance that the key to the victory of the nation is in the heart of the leader. If you believe you can change your nation and you really live according to True Parents' words, you can. The first breakthrough has to occur in the heart of the leaders.

The program concluded with Dr. Yang, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Hendricks honoring Dr. Bong Tae Kim with a doctorate unanimously approved by the trustees of Unification Theological Seminary for his work in education and unity of religions. He will soon assume the position of president of Sun Moon University.

Finally, Rev. Kwak, representing True Parents, presented awards to the top members throughout the world. Each continent selected three nominees and True Parents, with Rev. Kwak's advice, chose the recipients. We are proud to announce that Rev. Linda Triggol, our state leader of Indiana, who worked 90 days in Israel in 2004, and sacrificed enormously in 2005, having spiritual children blessed as well as her own children, could be honored as the North Am recipient for this honor.

Asia was recognized as the best continent, and Albania was awarded as the best nation, along with the Philippines and China. It was great to see our world leadership together, making our pledge and determination that this sixth year of Cheon Il Guk will be one that substantially advances the peace kingdom. Thank you.


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