The Words of the Jenkins Family

Sponsor 2nd Gen At UTS

Michael Jenkins
February 18, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to begin the process of pledging commitments to "sponsor" our young college graduates to go to two years (or three years) to UTS for a Masters Degree and a "special" leadership "track" that will give them a strong foundation to enter into the leadership of our movement in ministry and in many other dimensions of Kingdom building.

Please make your pledges during these next three months of March, April and May. Please pledge $1000. We are asking all UTS Alumni to consider this pledge and commitment to bring our younger generation into the leadership of our movement.

Your sacrifice and heart will bring a new dimension of leadership for the future of America and the World.

Please make the pledge now. We believe that once you commit, then God will bless you with the resources.


MWJ (Rev. Jenkins)

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