The Words of the Jenkins Family

Request To All Families To Support Second Generation Scholarships To UTS

Michael Jenkins
March 21, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I write to you from Jerusalem. The last journey was most significant. The more we invest and reach out to people, the faster things are happening.

We had a number of Second Generation with us on this trip. It was so inspiring to everyone, the Ambassadors for Peace, elected officials, Israelis, Palestinians -- Everyone is inspired by our Second Gen.

I want to ask every family to sacrifice to raise money for the Young Oon Kim Scholarship fund. I would like to ask every family to pledge $1000 for this historic effort.

Every 15 families that pledge another Second gen will go into our UTS Graduate program.

Make your pledge now.

I write to you from Jerusalem where from this vantage point I can see clearly that if our elders invest and sacrifice to open the way for our second generation to take leadership, they can and will respond.

Please pledge now. You can pay as we go. We need 450 families to pledge the $1000. You may pledge $500 or $250 but please pledge and think of the 10,000 Second Generation who are looking for some encouragement and commitment that says "WE BELIEVE IN YOU AND KNOW YOU CAN TAKE THIS HISTORIC HERITAGE AND LEAD US ON TO THE PROMISED LAND."

When we stood at Mt. Nebo, as Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards read from the scriptures about Moses and how he could not cross over the Jordan, I had to think seriously about how True Parents made it possible for our first generation to cross over, now we have to make it possible for our second generation to cross over.

This should be our heart and total focus. I pray that 30 Second Gen will go to UTS this year. I pray that 30 also will come on the next pilgrimage.

Please make your pledge for our future.

You can learn more about this by clicking on the link on our website concerning the YOK Scholarship on the bars on the right side of the FFWPU web page. (

Love from Jerusalem,


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