The Words of the Jenkins Family

Original Palace Donation

Michael Jenkins
March 26, 2006

Dear Family,

The Chung Pyung donation for the Heavenly Sanctuary/ Original Palace is $1200 per couple. (For Children and those unmarried, donation will be US $1,200 per person.)

Processing Fees:

CHECKS - $10 Processing Fee (must be included in the check- total $1210)
BANK WIRE - $25 Processing Fee (Must be included in the Bank Wire - total $1225)

The website says: *Please add US $25 for the bank wire processing fee, and US $10 for checks above US $1,000, or US $8 for checks under US $1,000.

Brothers and Sisters we sincerely ask your heartfelt participation in this great history.

For more information go to

With Love,
MWJ (Rev. Jenkins)

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