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Happy True Parents Day

Michael Jenkins
March 28, 2006

Dear Family,

I'm writing from Korea to wish you a very happy True Parent's Day. We are just preparing now for the Holiday Pledge service that will begin at 8 am on Wednesday the 29th of March.

True Parents are now doing very meaningful and significant rallies throughout Korea. Today Father rallied more than 100,000 at the Changwon. It is the industrial city near Pusan. The response is overwhelming. Recently, Father spoke in Seoul to members of Parliament. For 10 days Father will be gathering 100,000 per day to achieve 1 million participants in this rally for "God's Ideal Family: The Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World " This rally which will complete 1,000,000 people is also done with a special blessing just like what Dr. Walsh led on the 120 City World Tour. This will be the foundation and condition for True Parents to enter the Original Palace.

In addition: Women leaders who are Ambassadors for Peace were suddenly called to Korea. Top women dignitaries (three from the U.S) from around the world are arriving with less than 24 hours notice. It appears that True Parents both will speak to these prestigious women from many countries. Women for Peace is the theme of their special conference. Women are central to peace. They bring the heart of the Mothers.

Dr. Yang was able to report in detail about our last journey to the Middle East with the Middle East Peace Initiative to True Father. It made significant news here that Dr. Yang, Bishop Stallings, Antonio and I could be directly involved in working through our Palestinian Ambassadors for Peace for the release of the Korean hostage. Dr. Yang was on the phone every few minutes with the Chairman of KBS News whose reporter had been taken hostage. We requested all to be released. Dr. Yang was the first in the world to know the situation of the Korean reporter and the exact time of his release.

Truly what True Parents are teaching us is not theory. We are living in the reality of working with all sides in the Peace Process. Father was so excited and happy to hear about the MEPI program. We have reported about our next journey in May. Father is directly giving us guidance and wisdom. He was deeply pleased with the support from the Muslim Sheikhs and especially happy about Europe and America combining together for peace. He also was moved that we engaged in a very successful Jewish Christian Dialogue (Dr. Kaufmann's report was just sent out yesterday). Father is emphasizing the role of dialogue and understanding. We must understand that all the authority and power of heaven is with us. Whether its in out Family Home Church or in the streets of Jerusalem. We march and we walk and we dialogue with the support of heaven. People's hearts are melted and we can be one family.

Please have total confidence brothers and sisters.

Have a most Happy True Parents Day!!!!

With True Parents Love,

Rev. Michael Jenkins

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