The Words of the Jenkins Family

Public Service Condition

Michael Jenkins
March 30, 2006

Dear Family,

True Parents have formally requested that all Blessed Second Generation make a special condition during this special time in history. All are asked to do 30 Months of public service. We have many ways we are developing for you to fulfill this.

Please contact Tossa Cromwell at There are many opportunities and creative ways to serve. The Middle East Peace Initiative, working with Rev. Joshua Cotter, STF, Service for Peace, CARP and Youth Ministry.

We will count participation in the YOK Scholarship Program as fulfilling this important providential condition.

When these conditions are set it not only strengthens your spirit and faith through experience but it allows heavenly fortune to be unlocked to protect and uplift your family.

This is a glorious time in the providence.


Rev. Michael Jenkins

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