The Words of the Jenkins Family

Father Moon At True Parent's Day

Michael Jenkins
March 30, 2006

Dear Family,

I'm sitting here at Chung Pyung, observing and recording the historic message and leadership of our True Parents. Many important Korean dignitaries are here; quite a number are very recognizable. Father is now having all the women come forward as Abels and pair up with the military generals and police that have come. They will become a peace force to bring peace in Korea.

I am deeply moved by our True Parents and the reality of the quality and character of the leaders that have come from Korea. It is very impressive.

Members of the cabinets of every one of the eight administrations since President Park Chung Hee are here. It is a profound change going on in Korea. Imagine. Father is gathering literally over 100,000 every day with these dignitaries testifying to True Parents.

The Unification of Korea is coming quickly. How much opposition was given to True Parents! With that in mind, we must be bold and strong in our Family Home Church. We should reach out to the churches for one family, three churches. We should reach out for the next conference in the Middle East, we should reach out for the WFWP events, we should reach out and fulfill the 15,000 Ambassadors for Peace goal. Reach out for the clergy to come to the ACLC prayer breakfasts. Do not fear.

Do not hesitate. Just two years ago I was in Korea many, many times and it was dry, hard ground in terms of any top leaders of this nation standing with us. There was not even one congressman that would show up at a meeting.

Now it's a dramatic landslide in another direction.

This landslide of popular public support will begin in America now. The more you reach out to connect people with the dispensational organizations, the faster the most important people will come forward.

This is what I see in Korea. They educated 10,000 key leaders in the last year.

It has changed everything. Unification will occur, centering on True Parents' love.

With Love and the Most Incredible Sense of Victory Based On True Parents!!


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