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Official Letter From Rev Jenkins About Yeon Jin Nim On "Survival Of The Richest"

Michael Jenkins
March 31, 2006

Family Federation for World Peace and Unification
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Dear Family,

At 8:00 p.m. EST tonight on the Warner-Brothers network will be a program entitled Survival of the Richest." It is a "reality show" and our True Parents' wonderful daughter Yeon-Jin nim "Kat" will be on the first episode of this series. There were some web sites from WB and others claiming that the family worth was over $1 billion and that Yeon-Jin nim was a "religious empire heiress." Our legal counsel has informed Warner Brothers that this mischaracterizes the relationship between the church and its Founder, and that the church's assets cannot be inherited.

In discussion with Yeon-Jin nim we found that her motivation to be on the show was totally honorable and only with good intentions. She said after she began taping the show she found out that it wasn't as she had expected and she did not appreciate the spirit or the basic premise of where the show was going.

Many articles have come out about this and we expect many more. This is a "reality show" primarily for entertainment. "Variety" magazine panned the show and yet it noted one of the few bright spots was in relation to Yeon-Jin nim. It said, "A few brief moments of actual humanity seep in from, of all people, Kat, the sullen daughter of Rev. Sun Myung Moon. She's surprisingly grounded and sensitive. Naturally, the other rich kids hate her."

As you know, True Parents have given up all attachments to property and any assets years ago and have totally devoted themselves to serving humanity. However, we do not feel this is a major issue at this time, only that it may have some positive aspects.

As you know, True Parents are focused on eliminating the boundaries between race, religion and culture. That is why leaders from all faiths and backgrounds, inspired by True Parent's vision, are coming together in cooperation with our efforts to strengthen families and end the era of violence and war and bring about God's hope for peace. We want to express our support and love for Yeon-Jin nim, and from what we are hearing so far, she displayed the humility and down-to-earth, honest character that we have found consistently in the members of True Parent's family.

Yeon-Jin nim, we're proud of you and we pray for your success in all your endeavors. We call upon all the movement to come together with even greater determination to bring about a better society for all humanity.


Rev. Dr. Michael Jenkins

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