The Words of the Jenkins Family

On Chung Pyung Donations

Michael Jenkins
March 31, 2006

Dear Family,

Today, March 31 was the deadline for donations to Chung Pyung for the Heavenly Sanctuary and Palace.

Through discussions with Chung Pyung it has been confirmed that there is no need to panic about the missed processing fees in terms of trying to get it there by March 31, 2006. It must be sent but all donations of $1175 or more that was shy of the 1200 due to the forgotten processing fee will be recorded as complete.

Please send the fee immediately, however if it is received by April 30th, it will be fine.

Remember the processing fee still applies to small checks (this it the fee deducted by the Korean bank.) Therefore you must again add the processing fee to whatever you are sending Chung Pyung. If you are sending Chung Pyung the missed $25 bank wire processing fee, you will have to send $50 because the bank will still deduct the same processing fee. $8 for checks under 1000, $10 for checks over 1000.


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