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All Second Generation College Graduates Or College Seniors -Scholarships At UTS

Michael Jenkins
April 7, 2006

Dear College Grads and / or College Seniors:

Do you want to make a positive contribution for peace and helping humanity? True Father is counting on all Second Generation for the future peace of the world, and he counts UTS as the starting place for deeper grounding in ethics and morality for them to become leaders in all fields in society.

If you are interested:

Please apply for the Young Oon Kim Masters Degree scholarships and special "intern partnership for leadership" program that we are creating through collective cooperation of UTS, CARP, SECOND GENERATION DEPARTMENT and FAMILY FEDERATION. Options are: Two-year scholarship for Masters degree (can be three year degree), two-year special "internship of service and or ministry", special leadership placement in one of the many organizations founded by our True Parents (Media, Middle East Peace Building, Service, Performing Arts, Video and TV production, Public Relations, Business (many), Politics and Sports.)


Dr. Michael Jenkins

The Young Oon Kim Scholarship Project: UTS is looking for 30 2nd Generation college graduates to enroll this fall and inaugurate the next generation of our movement's leadership. The Young Oon Kim Scholarship Fund will provide funding for these students, supported through UTS alumni and FFWPU communities. For more information, or if you have someone who might be interested in this opportunity, please contact Ritz Yamamoto. If you would like to offer financial support or help spread the word in the community, please contact Robin Graham.

See the website at :

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