The Words of the Jenkins Family

Now Is God's Time - 13 City North American Blessing - Reach Out

Michael Jenkins
April 24, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Blessing movement is now about to launch across this nation. True Parents are very excited about the upcoming Blessing tour. True Mother will give a special blessing in each city.

Now is the time of greatest opportunity to reach out to all great American people, especially the leaders in every field and profession. All of heaven is with us. Don't hesitate, just ask them to come. Let them decide. You might be surprised how much heaven has prepared the way.

Father guided us very deeply this morning, Dr. Yang and I were directly asked by Father to reach out personally and touch the top leaders in the first five cities. I was so deeply moved by Father's heart. He doesn't want anyone to miss the blessing. He told us if we invest our hearts in the best leaders, men and women, religious, civic and professional, they will come to join us now.

I personally am so excited about what is going on. Our family across America is reaching out to the highest levels. People are so interested. We have formed a Blessing Invitational Committee and many ambassadors, former congressmen, and other clergy want to do press briefings on the power the blessing has had in strengthening their families and in some cases preventing divorce.

Rev. Carl and Marilyn Rawls just called me. They want to tour and testify to the power of the blessing. They have been blessed by our True Parents and Marilyn witnessed to her mother and father (who have been divorced for 5 years) about the change in their marriage. Marilyn called just the other day to say another Blessing miracle has occurred. Her mother and father were so moved by the impact on their daughter's marriage that they had a change of heart and decided just last week to remarry. They have now received the Holy Wine and are going to the Blessing.

It's time for Blessing, America.

Bless the Family and the Nation.


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