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"God's Ideal Family and Peace Kingdom" 120 Nation Tour - Boston, MA

Michael Jenkins
May 1, 2006

The Boston community has developed much under Rev. Jim Edgerly's leadership, together with Rev. Kil Hwan Kim and Rev. Bismarck Bamfo. Maria Ferrante, a noted soprano, performed for the overflowing banquet hall at the Marriott Copley Center…

Sen. Larry Pressler, who has been on Capitol Hill for 22 years, 18 as a U.S. Senator, gave a special greeting. Sen. Pressler highlighted the fact that there are many efforts for peace but certainly Rev. Moon’s effort is most comprehensive and diverse and is having an enormous impact. He went on to highlight Rev. Moon's emphasis on women being the key to peace; certainly Dr. Hak Jan Han Moon's tour demonstrates that he puts into action what he believes. Also the fact that he is sending his sons out with Dr. Moon shows that the whole family is engaged.

The Boston program was rich with the historical patriotic spirit of New England. Rev. Edwards gave special sermonette to encourage everyone to know that the body of all believers must come together and create blessed families. A state Senator gave a great reflection on his trip to Israel, about how he was deeply moved by Father Moon's substantial work in the Middle East, how much it is taking root in Boston and throughout the world. Truly God has given us this movement.

Rev. Felipe Texeira gave a beautiful invocation. He is the co-convener of ACLC and pastor and founder of a powerful movement of Christians in Boston. Rev. David and Maria Solis of the Church of God of Prophecy of New Bedford stood as a representative couple for the holy wine ceremony. Rev. Solis is one of the prominent Hispanic leaders in Boston and courageous in the ACLC movement. He was one of the first to understand that we're moving beyond the cross to the resurrection, that Jesus' victory was in the resurrection and that he has anointed Father and Mother Moon to stand as True Parents. Rev. and Mrs. Solis joined with all the couples wearing their white blessing scarves and drank the holy wine. How beautiful it was to see these special couples coming together. The wine ceremony is done with grape juice in respect for those not allowed to take wine. It is done as a condition to change the blood lineage from the false lineage that was created at the fall of Adam and Eve to Heaven's lineage that is now being established in this age.

Jesus brought grace to every believer and forgiveness to all individuals who affirm their faith. Now Jesus has anointed Father and Mother Moon and this has been confirmed by the founders of all major religions, that the Holy Blessing is the transition from the wild olive trees in the Bible to the true olive tree. This is an engrafting process, the change of blood lineage. Now tens of thousands of religious leaders are joining with Ambassadors for Peace worldwide. This is not a religious ceremony of one denomination or church or faith. It's a universal ceremony given by the one God who is God of all religious and faith traditions. We are engrafting to the tree of life. The prophecies of the Bible are coming true.

We received the following proclamations and citations - Chris Mineau sent a special letter as president of the Massachusetts Family Institute, who really commended ACLC and the Family Church for getting the second highest number of signatures to put an amendment about male/female marriage on the ballot so it could be reviewed by the Massachusetts state assembly. The Roman Catholic Church had the highest number, and the ACLC/Family Church movement had the second highest. Mr. Mineau highlighted this fact and praised the efforts of Rev. Jim Edgerly. State Representative Shirley Owens-Hicks, chair of committee on women and family, praised Dr. Moon for her tour and introduced the resolution passed by the Massachusetts House calling this day the Day of Blessing the Family and the Nation. Frank Giunta, mayor of Manchester, New Hampshire, congratulated Dr. Moon in his letter of greeting.

Of all the proclamations and citations received, a very moving and relevant letter was one from William Squillace, former mayor of Gloucester. He highlighted his deep respect for Rev. and Mrs. Moon, and especially recalled being a campaign manager 30 years ago when Rev. Moon and his movement came to Gloucester to start the fishing business. He recalled how the mayor at that time had totally condemned Rev. Moon and this movement as being something bad for Gloucester. Now 30 years later, Mr. Squillace testified strongly that just the opposite occurred. The teaching of Rev. Moon is now being understood. Families are being strengthened and the members of the movement residing in Gloucester are outstanding contributors to the health and well-being of the city. He went on to say that he was proud to be friends with many of our members. Truly the teaching on the family and the members and the movement of Rev. Moon and their associates have been of enormous benefit to Gloucester.

The video presentation, "Blessed Family and the Ideal of Peace," is a powerful work done by Rev. Philip Schanker and Mr. Simon Kinney, highlighting how True Parents' path began in war-torn Korea and how from that difficult beginning they started this movement called by Jesus to bring unity of all churches and to move all people to really build families that won't divorce or separate. It highlights some of the persecution Rev. Moon endured and how Sen. Orrin Hatch, Rev. Joseph Lowery of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and many other prominent leaders came to his defense as they saw religious and racial discrimination at the root of much of the misunderstanding. It shows how the blessing movement was initiated in the Unification Movement and expanded to all faith traditions. It's beautiful to see how Rev. T.L. Barrett's marriage was healed through the blessing, and how clergy are sharing this with their churches. Now Muslims, Christians and Jews are all expanding the blessing movement to the mosques, churches and synagogues. Of particular note was seeing Archbishop Stallings with his beautiful bride Sayomi taking the holy wine together, becoming one family. They already have two beautiful sons. On the tour Mother commented to Archbishop Stallings and Sayomi that it's time for a daughter. Sayomi was so happy to hear this. We're all praying for Bishop Stallings' future daughter to come soon.

Hyun Jin nim's presentation was particularly relevant as just across the river were the city of Cambridge and Harvard University, his alma mater. With each city on the tour his delivery has become more and more powerful. When he speaks it's as if he's taking down the barriers, calling for people to marry beyond their race and religion. He says, "The best way to receive the blessing is with someone from another race, nationality or religion. I call this an exchange marriage. This contributes to the enormous task of transcending the barriers of race, culture and nationality, ethnicity and religion and creating one family of humankind. In God's sight skin color makes no difference. God does not recognize national borders. God does not stand behind the barriers of religion and culture. They are nothing more than the devil's tricks. He has used them to rule over humanity as a false parent for tens of thousands of years."

Alyssa D'Silva presented flowers to Hyun Jin nim, and ___ performed "Amazing Grace." True Mother was in beautiful bright red this evening as she gave her keynote address. It was so wonderful to see her radiating light and energy. The blessing was outstanding in Boston. White, black, Asian and Hispanic and quite a number of interracial couples joined on the stage as everyone stood together. This blessing covers everybody. Unification Church blessed couples are receiving a new level of blessing through this ceremony. On the foundation of this blessing tour Father is securing the condition that all humanity will be blessed as True Parents enter into the Original Palace. The real meaning is that Father and Mother as True Parents are working to sever any condition that Satan has to claim anyone. This means that all people can be blessed from any religion or background. This is a time of universal grace.

Seeing True Mother standing in the mother's position toward Hyun Jin nim demonstrates the vertical line God creates through lineage. Father and Mother emphasize that lineage is more important than anything. It lasts forever. However, this parent/child relationship, more important than life itself, was severed through the fall of Adam and Eve.

The Boston program concluded with a gift presentation to True Mother by Mr. George and Yasmin Kfouri. The gift presenters were Omar and Barleen Ahmed, Ambassadors for Peace from Lewiston, Maine. Then True Mother, Joon Sook nim and Hyun Jin nim joined with all the couples for a blessing photo. How wonderful this blessing movement is! Can we ever begin to understand what God is bringing to humanity at this time? Who could imagine that former enemies could stand on the stage together in the spirit of God and enjoy one another's presence fully? Praise God! Amen.

We concluded with great patriotic spirit, singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic." Rev. Edwards gave one of the most powerful calls to action, similar to the great evangelists. His three-minute exhortation to the couples again establishes firmly that the only way to solve problems in our communities is to bless every family, that they will be faithful and never divorce and that children will be given true love from true parents.

We cut the cake together with all races and religions joining hands. Boston was truly reminiscent of the time when Paul Revere rode, marking the beginning of a new revolution. This blessing proclamation coming from Boston will now shine its light to every one of the 120 nations of the world.

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