The Words of the Jenkins Family

Sponsor Native Americans

Michael Jenkins
May 9, 2006

Dear Family,

The tour is bringing a Pentecost of blessing and the uplifting of the family.

Please help us sponsor 10 Native Americans. They are so inspired by True Mother. It was very different than the past. The trust is real and the tears are flowing like a river.

White brothers and sisters, would you like to cleanse the history of America in relation to the original peoples that were here.

This will be a condition that will wash away such a tearful history. Also, through this act of love you can also liberate the resentment of settlers who lost their lives being sent by God to pioneer the west.

It is time for Reconciliation.

Please sponsor 10 Native Americans. They add so much to our journey to the Holy Land.

Please make your donation to Rev. Eric Holt 4 West 43rd St. NY, NY 10036.

We need $20000 to send 10 key Native American delegates.

You may come with them!!!



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