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All Brothers And Sisters Of Jewish Heritage - Please Come To Jerusalem

Michael Jenkins
June 2, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Shalom. Peace.

True Parents were so deeply inspired by the continued international successes of our Middle East Peace Initiative. Upon hearing Dr. Yang's recent report Father said as we continue to go and go and go to Jerusalem things will rapidly change in God's direction. Now is God's Time !!! Our Ambassadors for Peace there are opening up every door to every community and more and more we are being welcomed as the hope for Peace begins to burn more brightly.

Our IIFWP of Israel needs your help for the upcoming 120 Nation World Peace Blessing Tour. Please sign up and volunteer to help our outreach efforts there with our Ambassadors for Peace. Your efforts will move the soul of your ancestors and certainly help them in their resurrection and happiness !!! The third anniversary of the Jerusalem Declaration has just been passed and hundreds signed the reaffirmation of this historic document of forgiveness, repentance and reconciliation.

True Mother will go to Jerusalem at the end of June. The IIFWP of Israel, especially Mr. Hod Ben Zvi and Miri would deeply appreciate support from America through our family members who have Jewish heritage.

This will be a most historic event in Jerusalem and so many positive things are happening there so quickly.

Thanks for your faith.

To sign up please contact:

Mr. Hod Ben Zvi
IIFWP Secretary General

With Love for Jerusalem,

Dr. Michael Jenkins

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