The Words of the Jenkins Family

Update On Chung Pyung And The Original Palace

Michael Jenkins
June 11, 2006

Dear Family,

Dear Family,

I'm at the UPF conference with Dr. Walsh and about 500 high level delegates. Many members of parliament, around 40 current and former heads of state, speakers of the Parliament and many key NGO, Religious, Academic and Social leaders. The conference is excellent. True Mother's world tour is creating a wave of high-level response throughout the world.

Mother is now in Chung Pyung with True Father. She has been sacrificing everything. She will depart shortly after (a day after the 13th) to continue this historic tour of Blessing and love for humanity. It is an incredible sacrifice. We sincerely thank Dr. Walsh for representing UPF and all the Western world in attending True Parents. UPF is shining and growing through this process. That is what happened in America. Key congressmen and senators that had been with us - increased their commitment. Breakthroughs are happening.

Dr. Yang shared that each morning at Chung Pyung there is Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents and then one of their sons have been sharing for about an hour - one each day. Yesterday Hyung Jin Nim moved the hearts of 10,000 when he demonstrated the real way of True Love when he washed the feet of one black brother. He proclaimed that there are no barriers. All races are equal. Then he washed the feet of the oldest grandmother present. People were weeping. This is the way that Jesus taught, this is True Parents life and the way of the Peace Kingdom.

Please live for others.



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