The Words of the Jenkins Family

Special Holy Wine Ceremony For All Blessed Families

Michael Jenkins
June 16, 2006

Dear Leaders,

Dr. Yang and I received the "Holy Items" for North America from True Parents on the Day of the Opening of the Original Palace on June 13. These include Holy Wine, Holy Salt and the Cheon Seong Gyeong. These have now been given to the Regional directors who will return soon. Upon their return they will organize the Holy Wine Ceremony for all Blessed families, Region by Region. They will also have the holy salt and seed holy candles from which your family can multiply new Holy Candles and Holy Salt. As per instructions from the FFWPUI International earlier this month, each family should return all existing Holy Salt and Holy Wine to the Church Headquarters for proper disposal.

All families should receive new "Holy Items" as we have entered a new age in which God is now dwelling permanently with all mankind and a new era has dawned.

Please contact your regional headquarters for information concerning your local schedule.

Thank you.


Rev. Michael Jenkins
National Pastor

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