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New York State Board Of Regents Approves Doctoral Program At UTS

Michael Jenkins
June 22, 2006

Dear Family,

This is a great day for America. The Unification Theological Seminary's Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) Degree program was approved and officially recognized by the New York State Board of Regents.

This means that our seminary is a fully accredited and recognized degree granting body for the doctorate degree in ministry. Years ago it was recognized by the state of New York as a graduate institution of higher education which was approved to give accredited Masters degrees in Religious Education (M.R.E.) and Master of Divinity (M.Div.). These graduate degrees will therefore be recognized and valued by all professional and public institutions.

Congratulations to UTS President, Dr. Tyler Hendricks, Dr. Kathy Winings, all Trustees and Faculty for their diligence and success. Special thanks to UTS former Trustee Chairman Mr. Farley Jones and incoming Chairman Dr. Chang Shik Yang for their leadership and support for this effort.

True Parents can be proud of the first institution of higher learning that they founded.

With Gratitude,

Dr. Michael Jenkins
Family Federation for World Peace and Unification

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