The Words of the Jenkins Family

Mothers Tour to Jerusalem

Michael Jenkins
June 30, 2006

Dear Family,

(Dr. Walsh suggested that I write up a report on the Jerusalem Event of the 180 Nation Peace Tour for the Universal Peace Federation).

I am here in Jerusalem and we just concluded a beautiful event. The program was held in the Regency Hote1, which is the same hotel (and same ballroom) where the historic Jerusalem Declaration was signed on May 18, 2003.

As you know tensions, are very high here in Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East. Due to the kidnapping of Israeli Soldiers, the military incursion into the Gaza strip and the arrest and imprisonment of one third of the members of the Palestinian Parliament, many people advised our True Parents about the possibility of forgoing Israel on the tour. We want to say how proud we are of the courage of our True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace. Certainly security is of the highest priority; however though many advised against coming, other key leaders who have been to the Middle East many times and especially to Jerusalem checked with our best sources on all sides. All was presented to True Mother. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Dr. Lee (Middle East Continental Director) shared with her in Turkey.

Father also said, "Mother should go". True Mother said, "I must go to Jerusalem." Mother has come and has been totally welcomed by Jews, Christians, Muslims and Druze in the Holy City of Jerusalem.

We are so deeply inspired by the example of our True Parents - who are receiving recognition at the highest levels from all the countries on the tour. Yet with such prestige and influence, still our True Parents risk their lives to go to the 180 nations. Day after day Mother is traveling with Rev. Kwak, the Continental Director, Dr. Walsh and of course True Family members. This time, Kook Jin Nim and his wife Ji Hye Nim are accompanying her.

True Mother has such courage and faith, and therefore her arrival and speaking event here were magnificent. Mother wanted to bring love to Jerusalem, where the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac are deeply struggling in conflict. We truly believe that True Mother's presence here will be marked as the turning point ending this sad history ends and realizing the era of peace. Please pray for True Mother and True Family fervently each and every day. And pray together with her for the peace of Jerusalem.

As True Mother says in her speech, "God's Model Ideal Family and the Peace Kingdom:"

Distinguished leaders, you are now living in the most blessed and exalted time in history. I now proclaim the launch of the era of a new heaven and earth, an era after the coming of heaven, long-awaited and yearned for by billions of your ancestors in the spirit world who have come and gone in history: this is the era of the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World... The age in which the Fallen and corrupted world plays havoc on humanity, allowing those who are evil to live better than others, is passing away.

Mother also states with total conviction,

Rev. Moon, who received the seal of heaven, has come as the True Parent of humanity and the King of Peace. He will be true to his promise to heaven. He will bring to fruition the era of the Kingdom of the Peaceful, Ideal World on this earth, without fail.

We who have had the blessing to see the spiritual wave of goodness created by True Mothers' tour cannot believe our eyes. Many profound events are happening since True Parents entered the Original Palace - the Cheon Jeong Gung. As Father predicted, we are seeing the words of our True Parents coming true before our very eyes. Father has stated clearly that those who support God's message for peace and the ideal family will rise and those who do not will decline.

We are seeing this incredible reality throughout the world at this time. Those Ambassadors for Peace that continue to support the work of the Universal Peace Federation are receiving incredible support from Heaven. They are rising internally and in many cases literally being elevated in their role in their nation or their region through higher appointments or higher office. Now the number of sitting presidents and prime ministers who have come to support the Universal Peace Federation is growing steadily. Religious leaders who support the federation from Islam, Christianity, Judaism and all world religions are seeing their authority in their nations being strengthened. Those who oppose are losing power. Here in Jerusalem and throughout the Middle East many wonderful and prominent sheikhs of the Islamic faith, Druze leaders, Christian leaders and Jewish rabbis who have stood with UPF are seeing more and more that God is blessing their work as they stand under one God, showing full respect and acceptance that the God of their faith is working through the other faiths He created.

Please believe me, my dear brothers and sisters. The prophecy in the Bible that states that the "lion will lay down with the lamb" is now at hand. We should be bold, strong, and courageous, for each step we take to live for the sake of others and love our enemies with true love will now rapidly expand the Peace Kingdom right before our eyes. Father said at the opening of the Original Palace that if we really understood the meaning of this time and the profound authority we now have to bring peace and harmony among all people, we wouldn't be able to contain ourselves and we would be shouting it out everywhere we go !

Well, that is the feeling that is present here in Jerusalem. Through the various Middle East Peace Initiatives of the Universal Peace Federation and the diligent work of the IIFWP of Israel (Dr. Abe and Mr. Hod Ben Zvi) as well as the outstanding support from many key Ambassadors for Peace (Dr. Glaubach, Abouna Hatoum, Shiekh Bukari, Dr. Shuki Ben Ami, Mr. Baruch Shalev, Mr. Walid Sadiq, Mr. Ali Birani, their wives and Shelly Elkayam and Mr. Kamal Thabet). A beautiful cross-section of all faiths filled the Grand Ballroom of the Regency. It was truly a beautiful turnout from all communities but particularly encouraging was the solid support of many Jewish participants. Things are moving forward. Thanks Dr. Abe and Hod. Dr. Glaubach in particular as a scholar and former member of the Jerusalem city council has been an incredible guide historically and in the "spirit" of Israel. Dr. Shuki Ben Ami has been outstanding in his ability to help Rabbis come to understand and work with the Peace movement. All in all we must thank our IIFWP of Israel and Kamal in Palestine.

Thro___ork of David Eaton and Dr. Antonio Betancourt and local Ambassador for Peace support, we found one of the rising classical performing artists in Israel. His name is David D'or. He has become an Ambassador for Peace and has also partnered with Ms. ork of David Eaton and Dr. Antonio Betancourt and local Ambassador for Peace support, we found one of the rising classical performing artists in Israel. His name is David D'or. He has become an Ambassador for Peace and has also partnered with Ms. ___ in performing with the Rahana Orchestra of Tel Aviv. Together they have done beautiful recordings -- in Hebrew!!! David also sings in Arabic and English. Their performance tonight was perfect. Their numbers were diverse, classical and totally inspired. It created such a beautiful atmosphere to start the event. Shelley Elkayam opened the program, and Mrs. Sheila Shelev gave a special welcoming address as the chairwoman of the Women's Federation for World Peace of Israel. Shelly is about to receive her Ph.D. at the prestigious Hebrew University and is an outstanding Ambassador for Peace. She just conducted a special seminar at the university and used True Parentsí work and teaching at the center of her presentation for dialogue. (Dr. Andrew Wilson of UTS was also a speaker there.) Sheila spoke with such eloquence and heart. She stated in a beautiful way how delighted she was to welcome Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon to Jerusalem and how proud she is of the work of the federation. She and her husband, Baruch, have never wavered in their commitment to peace and the work to respect all people. They are pillars of the Ambassadors for Peace movement.

Shelley then introduced the Master of Ceremonies for True Mother's program, Dr. Thomas Walsh, Secretary-General of the Universal Peace Federation. All Americans and Western members can be proud of Dr. Walsh as a great American and Western leader of Cheon Il Geuk who is serving True Mother throughout the 180 nations. He is a universal leader who has demonstrated the special gift to become one with Rev. Kwak to work through the UPF to lead the highest levels of scholars, heads of state, religious leaders and people of all professions and cultures in the work of peace. Dr. Walsh did a wonderful job in leading this historic program. His commanding presence and excellent speaking ability brought the extremely diverse audience together. He introduced Mr. Shimson Nir, the deputy mayor of Jerusalem, who offered the invocation. Mr. Nir has been instrumental in helping the Native American Leadership Alliance to continue to meet the mayor of Jerusalem. He offered a beautiful prayer for peace in Hebrew and explained it in English.

Then Dr. Walsh called upon Ms. Ireet and her husband as the representative couple for the special Holy "Nectar" ceremony. All stood together and shared the cup with their spouses, dedicating their marriages and families to God. It was beautiful to see all these religious people in Jerusalem affirming this most sincere commitment to family.

Next Dr. Walsh introduced Rev. Kwak, who introduced the meaning of the world tour and the founding of the Universal Peace Federation as the Abel UN. One very deep point that Rev. Kwak made was that through this speech tonight given by Kook Jin Nim and True Mother, God is working directly to affect the direction of history. God is working through this event tonight in Jerusalem!! When Rev. Kwak said that, I felt that all the history of Jerusalem flashed through my soul in a moment. Then I thought about the great moments and many very sad moments in the history of Jerusalem. True Mother coming with this message of true love and the proclamation that True Parents have fulfilled the ideal that Adam and Eve were to achieve and that peace will definitely come made me realize that this is a very historic and central moment in the history of Jerusalem.

Not only are True Parents proclaiming that all families of every religion and culture can receive God's blessing but also that all cultures can now become unified through one culture of heart. This is not just a proclamation but a living demonstration as True Parents traveled around the world last year to 120 nations and were welcomed by all races, religions and cultures. This year the welcome is even greater, and the movement to bring everyone into one universal family is now rapidly growing. Isn't it amazing that True Parents saw the need for reconciliation and called on Jews, Christians and Muslims to respect one another! This came through the sacrifice and the blood, sweat, and tears of the martyrs and saints who went before us. It comes on the foundation of the sacrifice of Jesus and the love he demonstrated here in Jerusalem. It comes on the foundation of True Parentsí unconditional and life-risking sacrifice to go to every culture and community of the world to bring true love. True Parents are now being accepted all over the world as the King and Queen of Peace. Certainly this provides great comfort to the heart of Jesus, who prayed so fervently that "all may be one". Jesusí prayer is coming to be realized on this day. God has prepared each and every step for us.

Dr. Walsh introduced Dr. Kook Jin Moon, who received his undergraduate degree at Harvard and MBA at the University of Miami. Kook Jin Nim spoke with eloquence and conviction. He has the ability, like Hyun Jin Nim, to move the heart and soul of the audience. With each section of the speech he gained momentum and spiritual power. Midway through the address, you could feel the atmosphere become very harmonious. Muslims sitting next to Jewish people, next to Christians and Jews. In Jerusalem? At an event that lifts up God? There are few situations in which the families, husbands and wives of the three Abrahamic faiths come together to share a common faith in God and family. Kook Jin Nim was very warmly received and his presentation very moving. Of course, the content of Father's speech is so deep. Dr. Walsh commented at dinner with True Mother that the speech never gets old. There is never a dull moment; every time something new comes forth. The Word of God is a profound spring of living water. When you take it in, you never thirst.

The video presentation, which was developed by UPF of Korea, had a lot of content on the history of True Parents and the Universal Peace Federation, including the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI), North-South Korea unification, the Blessing of marriages, and the Bering Strait project. It was very well done. Imam Muhammad Jodeh, Ambassador for Peace from America, was there tonight as he lives in Ramallah and Denver. He mentioned to me, "We must get that CD multiplied and get it into the hands of every single person. With this, people will come to understand."

True Mother took the stage with grace, strength, and beauty. Mother was wearing a medium light blue dressy suit). Mother is truly radiating. Yet no one can imagine the exhaustion, fatigue, and the heavy burden of going to war-torn nations to bring hope and healing. Mother doesn't show any of these burdens, but we all should realize that they are there. Every day is filled with challenges and giving. For example, if Mother hadnít said that she would go to Jerusalem, it is unlikely that she would have gone. Father supported, but Mother had to initiate. This is what we must understand. Mother is not passively just following the schedule with everything decided for her. Everywhere she goes, she is actively giving everything and listening to every report. She is praying about the things that God and True Father are inspiring her to achieve. Mother is the living and fully proactive Queen of Peace.

I can see and feel that Mother herself, representing God's Motherly love, is actively tearing down the walls right before our eyes. She is actively and aggressively giving the blessing and embracing all of our Blessed Couples and Ambassadors for Peace, healing them, encouraging them, strengthening and loving them. She is loving and embracing actively every single person that comes through the gate. The nations she is touching are being blessed through the people that God sends us. In the early part of Mother's speech you could feel that it wasn't easy. It never is. There is no setting or time in which God's Word is delivered that there isn't some period of development and challenge. However, tonight Mother was not deterred or wavering for even one second. She just kept on smiling and giving God's word. Suddenly the atmosphere became totally harmonious; the people were moving with her through each paragraph. Applause began to break out more and more readily. Finally it was as if a dam had broken and the Holy Spirit poured down like a waterfall. Mother's voice gained great strength and power. Her cadence of her speech gained a special rhythm that only the greatest orators can ever have. True Mother had done it. She won the victory in Jerusalem. The people melted; their hearts were truly touched. After Mother's address, the audience stood up in applause. We were all melted by the pure Word of God and True Parentsí love coming through Mother's shining, beaming face. Oh, how we should weep and cry and shout out to the world that the King and Queen of Peace have arrived. How we should cry out in tearful prayers as True Mother marches through the Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America, the world!!!

Dr. Joshua Ben Ami and his wife, Shosh, gave the congratulatory flowers to Mother. Dr. Ben Ami is a Jewish leader who has been prepared by God so deeply. He was the one who gave the crown to his Elder Brother Jesus, proclaiming him king, the honor he was to receive two thousand years ago. Father called for that condition of crowning Jesus to be set on the foundation of the repentance in the Jerusalem Declaration (which Dr. Glaubach and others courageously have advanced). What is amazing is that God always prepares things far in advance. Somehow Dr. Ben Ami found that one of his relatives, an Orthodox rabbi, many decades ago wrote a profound poem that Jesus had to be crowned, and he prophesied that the person who would do it would come from his own Orthodox lineage. Dr. Ben Ami found this out after he had crowned Jesus; one of his relatives gave him the poem. God had prepared the people and made a way.

The Blessing of Marriage was so beautiful. It included Abouna Hatoum and his wife from Nazareth, Dr. Dov Noi and Dr. Naomi Voglemann ,both highly recognized scholars of Hebrew University, Shiekh Bukari and his wife, and a second generation couple. How profound, all God's family was there on the stage receiving True Parentsí blessing through True Mother and Kook Jin Nim.

How profound is this day that the prophets and saints all predicted and longed for! Father and Mother are fulfilling their promise that they will not stop until every boundary and border blocking religions and nations is removed and the Peace Kingdom of the Ideal World is realized. This is the day of the Era after the Coming of Heaven.

Psalms 122: 6 Ė 9 Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: "May those who love you be secure. May there be peace within your walls and security within your citadels." For the sake of my brothers and friends, I will say, "Peace be within you." For the sake of the house of the Lord our God, I will seek your prosperity. (NIV)

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