The Words of the Jenkins Family

21-Day Workshop - New Information

Michael Jenkins
July 11, 2006

Dear Blessed Central Families,

Chung Pyung is concerned to know as soon as possible how many wives have registered for the 21-day workshop. We must have a minimum of 200 participants in order to go forward.

Attached is the registration form to be used by both husbands and wives. Click here for the attachment Registration Form for Husbands and Wives pdf. Please return it to your regional headquarters this week. (Or fax to 202-319-3201.) We really need to know in advance how many will be attending! It will be very difficult for UTS if many people come without registering in advance.

New information:

1. On Aug. 10 Dae Mo Nim will definitely conduct ancestor liberation and blessing in addition to the registration blessing. Please start soon to check your records and plan which generations you can liberate and bless. If you have questions about your records at Chung Pyung, you can write to More information and forms will be sent later this week.

2. Wives who cannot stay for the entire 21 days are welcome to come for as many days as they can. They can complete the remaining days later.

3. Wives who are divorced or separated from their husbands are welcome to join the workshop but will not participate in the registration blessing.

We are so grateful for this opportunity to have the registration workshop in the US. Below is yesterday's heartfelt urging from Rev. Jenkins that each family to take advantage of this.

Margaret Herbers
Asst. to Rev. Jenkins

Dear Family,

The special registration blessing workshop for all Blessed Wives who did not complete this course at Chung Pyung will be held at UTS from July 21 - August 10.

This is a most significant and crucial opportunity for God's dispensation.

We strongly urge all blessed wives to attend this providential condition that is the cornerstone for your blessed family and the registration as a "Blessed Central Family".

Please register now.

Please do not miss this opportunity. It may not come again in America.


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