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Middle East Peace Initiative of UPF

Michael Jenkins
July 19, 2006

Dear supporters of UPF and the Middle East Peace Initiative,

I'm writing from Jerusalem to ask our worldwide UPF foundation to please be on full alert. I am here to give moral support and strength to our Middle East Ambassadors for Peace and to convey Father and Mother Moon's deep prayer for the region. The situation is tense and extremely dangerous in terms of the potential to expand to the entire region. However as Dr. Glaubach said when we began the MEPI process we brought calm to the region. We must bring that calm again. The tour groups are all canceling. MEPI will not cancel because we are not on tour we are on a mission for Peace.

Our Middle East Peace Initiative is engaged here on the ground throughout the Middle East and especially in Jerusalem. Our Ambassadors for Peace are very strong and ready to move. The UPF is more relevant now than ever and the UPF here in the Middle East has a significant coalition of diverse leaders who represent Muslim, Christian and Jewish concerns as well as those of the different nations of the Middle East.

We are pulling together our Ambassadors for Peace here in Jerusalem to plan an immediate short-term plan of action to help diffuse the crisis. Then we will initiate our long-term plan. Joint efforts from Europe and North America will come in August and September. (A large delegation is coming from September 17 - 24).

Our focus on the Inter-religious dimension in cooperation with the political leaders is critical. (This is what Father Moon called for as being necessary for the United Nations to be effective in Peace Making - the Inter-religious Council). We have a good inter-religious / diplomatic foundation for the Abel UN worldwide and especially here in the Middle East. Our work has exponentially increased in value because people who live here from all sides agree that this road of violence will not bring peace. We pray for all nations and peoples in the Middle East.

We will assess what are the best steps we can take and make recommendations. We are working on all fronts - Jordan, Palestinian Territories (Gaza, West Bank), Israel and Lebanon.

With the authority that we have as Ambassadors for Peace and the burning desire in the majority of all people on all sides to end this suffering - the Ambassadors for Peace can and will strengthen morale and reaffirm other non violent options to resolve this crisis.

God is real and we find the people of faith here are not surprised or shocked at the current crisis which many call an all out war. This conflict will repeatedly manifest in violence until we get to the root causes that is the basis for the hate and resentment.

The reality is this: we must win the battle to define what are the correct principles and methods to achieve peace. These principles and methods must have God in the center and be consistent with the Koran and the Bible and all scriptures. This is the power that can give the moral authority to call for an end of violence.

Moral values, conscientiousness, ethics, respect and love are needed for peace and a good civil society. Government and political efforts alone cannot address these needs effectively. The Inter-religious approach based on faith is critically important for Peace. The work of the NGO's is also critical to keep lines of communication open when governments cannot. Without this component of interfaith, Dr. King's movement in America could never have crossed over racial, denominational and religious boundaries. When Rabbis flooded the south and marched with Christians choosing to respond to the oppressors with love and refusing to respond with violence then violence and hate were exposed and defeated.

God loves all people therefore we must love Jews, Muslims and Christians and move together as people of faith establishing the basis for reconciliation, healing and the realization of justice and freedom for all. Government can't legislate or call for the faith and love. However the People of the Book can. NGO's can. We are here with the Middle East Ambassadors for Peace and they are calling for respect for all religions, races and nations. Real respect. Remember, in America black people were seen as radical and violent and therefore it was argued by white leaders of the south that they couldn't be respected and trusted. However, all people are created by God and must be respected as equals before God. There is a huge problem of hate and discrimination that is a major part of the root problem here. There are undercurrents of discrimination and hate that must be exposed and healed.

Our Ambassadors for Peace are Muslims, Christians and Jews who have overcome the feeling of superiority and hate and have found that their brother or sister of another faith is just as important and valuable as they themselves are. They have found common ground in the love of the one God of all the Abrahamic faiths. They are marching together and are proud of their ability to go beyond the boundaries of race and culture. They have been well trained and prepared for the last three years through intensive efforts and the visit of 11,000 Ambassadors for Peace. We are well prepared for this hour. There are many many here in the Middle East who have gone beyond the boundaries and love all faiths and peoples. We need to associate them all together so that the spirit of love and acceptance prevails instead of intolerance and hate. These barriers must be broken down with love, education and action that gives experience and confirmation to the heart.

Father Moon has mentioned that if we had one million with such a heart it would be impossible for such conflict to manifest here in the Middle East.

Please pray for the Middle East and prepare to come to Jerusalem. We are needed here more than ever. Please pray for our Ambassadors for Peace who are Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese - Muslim Christian and Jewish. They are not afraid. We must have the spirit of the prophet Elijah when he faced the prophets of Baal. We sincerely ask all our Ambassadors for Peace worldwide to prepare to come to Jerusalem to bring peace and end the war.

After meeting key Ambassadors for Peace from the three Abrahamic faiths - I feel once again our hope for peace is real. We cannot let those who want to divide and separate God's people into divided brothers achieve their ends. We must sacrifice ourselves and then our brothers will naturally unite with us. True people of faith are coming together in every nation. Those who divide, discriminate and hate cannot win. However, we must show the example by coming here where the tensions are very high.

Those who love all people as God does and are willing to give their lives for the sake of others will triumph. As Dr. King said, I have been to the Mountaintop and I can see the Promised Land. However we will not rest until all reach the Promised Land. All must have freedom of worship, security, justice and prosperity. Not for some - but for all. We are ready to sacrifice our lives to save the Jews. We are ready to sacrifice our lives to save the Muslims. We are ready to sacrifice our lives to save the Christians. The Israelis, the Palestinians, the Lebanese, all are in need of Divine protection and liberation. That is our mission. We shall overcome.

Please pray for Peace in the Middle East.

Dr. Michael Jenkins
Middle East Peace Initiative

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