The Words of the Jenkins Family

Request To All FFWPU Blessed Brothers And Sisters With Jewish Heritage

Michael Jenkins
July 26, 2006

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Please help our IIFWP in Israel. There is a tremendous need to support Dr. Abe and Mr. Hod Ben Zvi and our Ambassadors for Peace there. The crisis in the Middle East is urgent and the work of IIFWP there is more critical than ever. IIFWP of Israel is continuing the process to build bridges between all communities, Jewish, Christian and Muslim. Please directly support Dr. Abe and Hod and our Ambassadors for Peace and their critical work.

Please send your donations to

4 W. 43rd St.
NY, NY 10036.
C/O Rev. Eric Holt.

Also we are discussing a special meeting in the U.S. for all interested Jewish members with Dr. Glaubach, Hod, Dr. Ben Ami and Baruch Shalev to discuss how to better strengthen our relations with the Jewish community in America and how Jewish FFWPU members could better support the IIFWP work for Peace in Israel and Palestine. This will be in late August.


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