The Words of the Jenkins Family

True Mother's Path of Tears

Michael Jenkins
August 19, 2006

Dear Family,

Recently on August 4th we helped prepare for True Mother's World Peace Speaking tour in the Bahamas. The morning after her address (which was very well attended and well received) we had a very special moment that I wanted to share with you. It was deeply related with the heart we should have as we reach out for all brothers and sisters who were ever touched by True Parents. With the tears of True Mother I believe we can touch everyone who ever knew True Parents and with a help from God we might just open the door for them to come home.

It was at breakfast when we had several Ambassadors for Peace and clergy with True Mother, the morning after her speech. Pastor T.L. Barrett, who was the first pastor in North America to open his church to True Mother has always had a very special feeling about True Parents, and in particular about the love that they have for all people. Pastor Barrett experienced directly how that love transformed his wife was moved to return after 10 years of separation. (They were blessed by True Parents in the 60 couple blessing in 2001 and have remained happily married ever since.)

Pastor Barrett asked Mother, what does it really feel like to be the True Parent of humanity? We know that many people have affirmed this, but also I believe that God has also affirmed this, and I wanted to hear from you what you feel, having that anointing from God.

Mother surprised us all. She took the question very seriously and she began to share about her early life, starting with the war in Korea when she was a young girl, and how her mother, Dae Mo Nim, and her grandmother protected her every step of the way. She also shared very sincerely that she never knew much about her father, who was never around and not a part of her life. Because of having no father, she came to truly believe and feel that God was her personal father.

Her mother was a very devout Christians and member of an independent spiritual church in northern Korea before the Korean War. Mother shared how when she was a little girl one Buddhist monk, prophesied to her mother before she was born saying that her daughter will be great in history, and this baby girl you will bring forth will be more famous than the prominent men in history. From the time of her birth, her mother and grandmother felt that this special little girl had come from God.

Because of the war, they never could stay in one place. They journeyed from North Korea and escaped to the South, but since the South was unstable, they moved from place to place, never remaining long. All her life she was brought up as a person of faith and deep religious spirit. Because she knew God as her personal father, she always felt very close with Him. When she came to know God more deeply, she could feel directly the sadness and sorrow that God has because of the suffering of humanity.

As a young person she felt deep within her soul that she wanted to give everything to help God be liberated from His tears. Therefore, in her heart she felt clearly willing to completely give her life for God.

When she met True Father her understanding of God's heart deepened and she began to feel deep pain and sorrow all the time because of the sensitivity of God's heart toward humanity because of their suffering. She shared how she came to know that God truly feels that we are all His children, without exception. She mentioned that in most families there are children who make mistakes, but eventually all children have a tendency to return to their parents and come back to their roots. Likewise, it is God's deepest desire that he see everyone return to Him. This is the desire of God. This is also the desire of True Father.

Then Mother began to cry. As Dr. Yang was translating, she removed her glasses and wiped her eyes. Sun Jin Nim and Alex (her husband) were there with Jeong Jin Nim. Everyone was deeply caught and the room became silent and attentive. Mother opened her heart and with a tearful voice that broke as she was sobbing. She shared that,. "When I came to know God's heart, how sad God is, I really wanted to liberate God. I wanted to take away His suffering. I wanted to take away the suffering feeling in Father's heart and God's heart. They are weeping over humanity, longing for humanity to come home."

Mother's tears were flowing at this point. All the assembled clergy and Ambassadors for Peace were deeply moved. Some shed tears. Then Mother said, "I really feel when you talk about God affirming me as the True Parent that I am not enough. I feel in some ways unqualified, and I feel so sorry. I want to give everything for God and liberate God, and I long for all of God's children to come home."

Mother continued to wipe the tears from her eyes, and everyone present was deeply moved. She shared that she could understand the part of Father's speech where he said, "Even now, if one person were to look into my heart and speak a word of sympathy, my tears would become an explosive waterfall." After risking her life with True Father and True Children to bring God's message to every nation, she had overcome so many difficulties, a lonely Mother walking through history with her husband who together completely share God's loneliness as he is seeking after God's children. She went to Africa, the Middle East, Asia, every continent in the most difficult life risking situations, giving up everything and yet still sitting before us saying she felt sorry she was not enough to liberate God quickly enough. Then Mother said, I hope this was the answer to your question.

With tears,


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