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August 20, 2006 - A Day Of Glory - True Mother Concludes With Victory

Michael Jenkins
August 19, 2006

Dear Family,

Today, in Hong Kong on August 19th True Mother concluded the 120 Nation World Peace Tour (180 nations received the message directly through other representatives).

This journey began in Bridgeport on Friday, April 28th today on the 19th of August she concluded and totally fulfilled her role to travel throughout the world to every continent with total oneness in heart with True Father while uniting Abel and Cain together. Mother traveled throughout the world with members of True Family who, representing the second generation of our True Parents, delivered Father's address.

August 20, 2006 Father will rally before 60,000 at the Kintex center in Korea and will welcome our victorious True Mother and True Family. Father has announced that he will now launch the next 120 nation tour to be finished by the end of the year and now the tour will be conducted with three generations, True Parents as Grandparents, True family as the children and the grandchildren all three generations sharing the mission of Heaven to heal humanity and fully establish God's Blessing and True Love Culture in every nation and every generation.

August 20th is a most historic day in God's providence. August 20, 1985 was the day True Father was liberated from prison in America (the National Council of Churches and religious organizations throughout America and many U.S. Senators, Congressmen and other key Americans protested this as total injustice and religious persecution) he victoriously emerged 21 years ago with the unity of liberal and conservative Christians and the powerful movement of Christians supporting him was born. Having overcome such great trials Christianity united, a new spirit in America emerged and Communism soon after collapsed. Father's suffering course allowed him to claim so much for God and to prepare America as the future Elder Son Nation.

Later based on that movement in 2003 those Christians would go to Israel and embrace the Jewish leaders all repenting for not having understood one another as brothers. Based on that repentance and a new understanding of Jesus (their brother) from Jewish Rabbis a condition could be created through the Jerusalem Declaration that was received by God that allowed for the Washington and finally the Seoul Declaration calling for the unity of Abrahamic faiths. Based on this another historic event occurred on August 20th, 2003. Based on the heart of the three Abrahamic faiths in repentance, True Parents could call for the founding of the "Fourth Israel" - a new body of "chosen people" who were anointed by God. Father gave the Holy Wine on this special August 20th celebration and all who partook of this covenant not only were engrafted into the lineage of heaven and the True Olive Tree but they also become the "Fourth Israel" a new "Chosen People of all races, religious, faiths and peoples."

This led to the December Coronation of Jesus by historic "New Covenant" Jews who could embrace and love Jesus (not becoming Christian) but loving Jesus as sent by God. This opened the door for the Coronation of True Parents in America and in Korea on August 20, 2004. Again a new "Covenant" was made through the partaking of the Holy Wine that we could be given "total release" from the mistakes of our ancestors and that the authority and grace of True Parents to liberate all humanity from the mistakes of the ancestors. This allows us to reconcile one to another and wash away the tears and pains of history.

Therefore August 20th is a most central and historic day for all humanity. Father is now pushing himself into suffering together with Mother, the True Family and all Blessed members that we might be able to move heaven and earth and set the final conditions to allow God to claim not only America but the whole world for Peace and Blessing.

Let us repent for our shortcomings. We pray that this day will be a day of total liberation and release of God from all his tears and suffering and that through our attitude of faith we will resolve in our hearts that we will take all the suffering of God and True Parents and through the fulfillment of building a culture of heart and a world of True Love we will bring totally peace and reconciliation to all humanity centering on the Universal Peace Federation.



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